The Good Asian #4 Review

The Good Asian #4

Writer: Pornsak Pichetshote / Artist: Alexandre Tefenkgi / Image

It’s that time of the month where I get to spend a couple hundred words on just how brilliant The Good Asian is. As a consummate fan of the noir genre, I cannot get enough of Pichetshote’s stellar storytelling and educational exposition interlaced throughout the book. I can’t gush enough about the variety of techniques that Tefenkgi uses to draw the eye to the page and direct the reader to different aspects. Each panel, a perfect frame. Each page, some of the best sequential storytelling you could hope for.

The Good Asian #4 starts off with a saucy scene (entirely in place for the genre) as Edison Hark continues to muse on his summons to San Francisco by his surrogate brother Frankie Carroway in order to find Ivy Chen, who is their father’s maid and lover. (Shoutout to whoever decided to have a recap alongside the character sheet as a prelude to every issue. Helps me out immensely with name retention and tracking.) After last issue’s point of view shift, we’re squarely back in the mindspace of Eddy Hark as he does some good fashion detective work alongside Frankie. Watching the two investigate the rumors and leads is nothing short of perfection. Pichetshote also manages to slide in historical context near effortlessly just to contextualize how the environment came out, only furthering the credibility and believability of the story. Like, what is this?

The Good Asian #4

And I am just as in awe at what Tefenkgi does with his artwork in The Good Asian #4. Each page is masterfully crafted, and some of the envisions of scenes are just awe-inspiring while also adhering to the noir convention. The work is utterly phenomenal and conveys depth, insight, and brutality in varying measures depending on the scene.

This is easily my favorite series out of the shelves right now. It’s a revelation of historical fiction and noir that demands to be read, and I implore you to please read it so I have more people I can talk to about how perfect this series is.

9.6 “More Lies” out of 10

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