The Green Lantern #4 Review

Writer: Grant Morrison / Artist: Liam Sharp/ DC Comics

You know, I was getting worried that Grant Morrison’s brand of weird would be a little too weird for fans of the runs that preceded it from Robert Venditti and Geoff Johns before him. But I’ll be honest, The Green Lantern has been a refreshingly fun look at the GL universe.

Morrison’s script is like looking at time honored characters and concepts through a cracked fun house mirror. Issue #4 picks up with Hal Jordan trying to stop a world from being devoured. He’s still hot on the trail of a larger evil behind the scenes of these seemingly unrelated cases from previous issues. GL books are usually played as large scale interstellar conflicts with the fate of entire galaxies at stake. Morrison finds a way to strengthen the cop drama angle however, with Jordan as more space age Beretta than Buck Rogers. While the stakes are still high, the villains still dramatic and the Guardians still bark over-the-top proclamations like miniature Morgan Freemans…the perspective feels like what a sci-fi version of Live PD might resemble.

Meanwhile, Liam Sharp’s linework in this book is impeccable. Honestly, the first two pages of this issue are possibly the best this book has seen. That’s high praise considering the art quality we’ve seen from Sharp so far. The detail and care that go into making the alien parts of each scene look truly alien is incredible. The first two pages alone are a testament to the level of quality one can expect from this book. The moments of character development and exposition are just as dynamic and interesting as the action.

Bottom Line: Morrison’s vision for the GL universe has taken form and though it may not resemble anything else in the current era that’s come before, it’s a strange, fun romp from two of the best in the business.

9.5 Sinestro foreheads out of 10

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