The Prowler #5 Review

Writer: Sean Ryan / Artist: Jamal Campbell / Marvel Comics

Come on, man! Come ooooooon, man. “This is the shit I be talking bout! half writing ass comics! You think its a game? You think it’s a fucking gaaaame?!” Sean Ryan is up in this mutha fucka man. We got Hobie Brown fuckin’ down and out struggling. On his everyman, no powers, no Deux Ex Machina, just his wits about him shit yo. He’s fighting through the pain of breaking down and still trying to contain these clones and joining back in the fight with Spider-Man. Hobie’s adventures have really been a side mission for this entire clone conspiracy saga.

I haven’t been following it (you see one clone saga you seen’em all, am I right? Get it? Ahhh that guy gets it) but I am loving this shit, man. I love untold stories from side characters that we don’t usually get. We got a looooooot more action happening this issue and you can feel that Hobie Brown is fucking fighting for his life as he struggles through these fights and Ryan portrays that heavily in the writing and pacing this issue.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 8.00.49 PM

This is real rap gutta happening right now man. Sean Ryan kept having Hobie getting his ass saved last minute this issue and having to get help and depend on others. The dependency on others and getting betrayed by them being the reoccurring theme throughout the series. Which is to say I been fucking with that shit, man. Sean Ryan has been building Hobie up for a huge gut check that comes this issue and it’s really surprising. Hobie is a lot of things but the homie ain’t a coward, you gotta respect game on that shit first and foremost. This series is a real sleeper and it looks damn good as well, in large part due to the art MVP Jamal Campbell.

Campbell is a fucking beast on art and we’re seeing more of his art diversify in what he is drawing. We see a battle damaged Peter, punches and kicks thrown, as well as Hobie moving throughout the issue as fluidly. Campbell excels at the upclose art of within character dialogue, each person talking just look so clean and crisp as if they’re models for a magazine. They’re literally flawless which helps make the writing flow better from page to page. I am glad to see Hobie as a character getting drawn in more actions scenes especially as the book comes to a close and old enemies resurface.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 8.10.31 PM

You can’t sleep on The Prowler series, I feel like Hobie may have a small fanbase but it’s a base that can only grow with this creative team. I’m very invested in seeing where Hobie goes as a character once we step away from this Clone Conspiracy saga and into his own life and adventures.

8.6 Dash Attacks out of 10
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