The Ultimates #3 Review

Writer: Al Ewing / Artist: Kenneth Rocafort / Marvel Comics

Listen, we got a team in Marvel going around the universe and solving the big issues. Now when I say the big issues, I’m talking about the issues that mmmmmmmm I dunno, let’s say, eat planets just for kicks. Those issues. The Ultimates put a stop to Galactus’ hunger with their own form of an intervention and transformed him into a being that now brings life instead of taking it. Galactus’ first act in his upgraded state was to restore the first planet he ever destroyed. You’d think the universe would be grateful for that, and you would be dead wrong. I said this way back in the start of the series, that there would be ramifications for the actions that the Ultimates take. The Shiar found out about what they did and made their headquarters hotline bling immediately.


Captain Marvel had to handle that call but T’Challa and Adam Brashear bring up the next mission for the team which has been a big elephant in the room in Marvel. Time has been broken and abused on numerous occasions and that is something that has to be fixed not on the inside but outside, of time, space and everything. You kidding me? Al Ewing got this team headed to where no one has ever gone before yo. How you goin’ go outside of time to fix time? What? What squad you know about that life.


Ewing does a great job of giving this squad tasks that keep them busy and raise the bar where impossible is set. We also get to see the new Giant Man appear this issue, he helps the team out in a big way. Rocafort keeps the art jumping with his unique style. It comes off as very rough to the eye yet pleasing. He gets the job done; I especially love his detail whenever the team is in space. He doesn’t give space or any of the dimensions outside of space a bland look. Each looks unique and has a life of its own.

I’m enjoying this book more and more with each read. I love how the team works with one another and reacts to one another. There hasn’t been any infighting and a big difference as pointed out by Adam Brashear is that although they’ve got all these heavy guns on the team, they aren’t too big to ask for help on areas outside of their expertise. I. LOVED. THAT. POINT. I don’t know why but it just came across as showcasing how different and mature this team is as a unit as opposed to the archaic formula we’ve seen in other team books when it comes to getting issues solved. Oh… and that ending thoooooooo!

8 “I Ain’t Even See That Shit Coming”‘s out of 10

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