They’re Not Like Us #8 Review

Writer: Eric Stephenson / Artist: Simon Gane / Image Comics

Earlier on in my reading of They’re Not Like Us, I referred to The Voice as Magneto with Professor Xavier’s abilities. I still stand by that. But after meeting the mysterious Heasley in issue #8, I’m going to take that a bit further.

There is no Professor X. The Voice and Heasley appear to be very similar men in different parts of their lives. One still young and angry at the world, the other calm and more at peace with the same world – or at least wise and experienced enough to make it appear that he is.

We don’t know the specifics about their relationship yet, but it’s becoming clear that Heasley had enough of an impact on The Voice to mold him into a younger version of himself. Surprisingly, everyone in the house appears to trust him already, but I don’t. There’s too much unknown and his telepathic abilities are way out of everyone’s league. I say all that to say that I definitely want to keep reading to find out more and see what confrontations it eventually leads to.

they are not like

It was also nice to see Stephenson address Sydney/Tabitha’s parents. Just because they don’t remember that they have a daughter doesn’t mean no one else will. That could’ve been a huge plot hole if it wasn’t dealt with. So, kudos on handling that properly, sir.

I admit, it took me some time for Simon Gane’s art of the series to grow on to me. I didn’t necessarily like the simple, solid-colored backgrounds and felt that more detail could’ve been added to the scenery. While that’s definitely gotten better, I also accept that sometimes too much can take away from what’s important on the page.

I’ve been down for the (hopefully) long ride of They’re Not Like Us since the first issue, and I still am. This issue absolutely opened up a lot of possibilities.

8 out of 10

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