Writer:Dan Slott / Artist:Valerio Schiti / Marvel Comics

Tony Stark: Iron Man #6 is on it once again from yet another angle. Writer Dan Slott is on a campaign to humanize Tony Stark. Issue #6 places Tony in a position more suited to a twenty-something in Silicon Valley: as a super nervous software engineer releasing a new app on launch day.

We’re back at Stark Unlimited HQ, following Team Stark on the launch day of eScape. In typical fashion, it all hits the fan when a glitch in the eScape programming is found out. The upside to this whole series is watching Tony go through the motions split between all of his responsibilities.

As an Avenger, he’s working with the ED-209 looking War Machine and The Wasp to keep Stark tech off the streets. Their exploits look more like street-level crime fighting, but they get the job done. As a son, he’s actively dodging his birth mother’s attempts to get closer to him. As a reconstructed person, he’s trying to recall the things that make him human. As a tech CEO, he’s looking to lead his company even further into the future. What sets TS:IM apart from previous Iron Man titles is this focus on his humanity.

Issue #6 turns the focus up a notch, placing Tony in a vulnerable position as he tries to make everyone happy at the same time. It gets complicated when the danger turns up and all the parts of Tony’s life come under assault. A great read with a lot of spirit and attention to detail, Slott is still working us up to whatever the end of this arc has waiting for us.

The art is solid and has the depth to explore the harder parts of the narrative and somehow allow fun to come through. Valerio Schiti’s art style is versatile as hell and fits with the shifting perspective of each issue.

6 Ragequitting Noobs out of 10

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