Tony Stark: Iron Man #7 Review

Iron Man #7 Cover

Writer: Dan Slott / Artist: Valerio Schiti / Marvel 

It’s 2019, and Tony Stark is back in the mix! Tony Stark: Iron Man #7 drops us in right where we left off: with the Controller jacking up the eScape launch by making the players live out their online violence in real life! It’s a geriatric politician’s fever dream!

Tony Stark :Iron Man #7 offers up a Tony that is part Jeff Bezos and part Bill Gates, with the subdued ‘unintentional family man’ vibe of Reed Richards. Add to that a (very clever) growing digital universe, where Jocasta, Friday, and Aaron Stack become relevant again; and you have a dope recipe for a new spin on Tony Stark and the world he occupies.

Iron Man #7 review

This title executes a difficult task, highlighting the various aspects of the seemingly omnipresent character. Issues 1-6 have showcased Tony as the titular Iron Man, with all the shiny veneer. As an Avenger, with all of the responsibility and moral choices associated with the position. As an entrepreneur, ushering in a new chapter for the Stark business empire. A best friend, adjusting to having brought himself and Rhodey back from death. A brother to the reformed, but disturbed, Arno Stark. A boyfriend, dating fellow founding Avenger and independent woman extraordinaire Janet Van Dyne (The Wasp). A mentor to his Stark Unlimited staff, and a son to his biological mother, Amanda Armstrong.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #7 begins a blending of all these aspects of Tony’s identity. Reforming his exploits into more of an act of responsibility to the people in his life. Not without struggle, the cavalier party boy futurist is growing up. Dan Slott has evenly divided Tony into compartments and then starts to put those pieces together in a way that breathes new life into a character well-traversed and explored over the last 56 years. If there is ever going to be a way to separate the comic Tony Stark from the MCU Tony Stark, Slott has written a way out. Valerio Schiti’s artwork lays the foundation and does a great job differentiating the flesh and blood world with the digital one.

7 rage quitting noobs out of 10

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