There’s one town giving Gotham City a run for its money in the race for the title of hardest city. That place is Banshee, PA., where the law is the the law… allegedly. We got the only sheriff in town that’s more than meets the eye in Lucas Hood. Hood came in raising all types of hell, riding ’round in a squad car with N.W.A.’s Fuck tha Police on full blast, taking no bribes and pulling elaborate heists that would make Mission Impossible‘s Ethan Hunt say, “Yo, you gotta chiiiiiiiiill.” Wait, did I lose you where I said the sheriff be pulling off heists and is a fan of N.W.A.? Well that’s cause “Lucas Hood” isn’t really Lucas Hood. He’s a criminal that took the sheriff’s identity. Yeah, if that ain’t the hard shit then I dunno what is. It’s damn sure enough to put “Lucas Hood” up for a Top 5 Dead or Alive.

1) “Before I got Reformed, Glock Went On The Waist
Cross Dressing, Nothing But My Mother’s Stocking On My Face”

We have no idea what “Lucas Hood’s” true name is. All we know is that he did a bid up north to protect his girl when a dime got dropped on them during a heist. He came to Banshee after 15 years of hard time. When the real Hood died he took his place as sheriff as a cover at first and then he sees his love, Anastasia, with a new life (husband and children) and name (Carrie Hopewell). Shit spirals outta control as their past collides with their present. However, let’s talk about the new policies Hood instituted on his sheriff tenure. Hood was using his badge to legally do everything he ever wanted to do in Grand Theft Auto. Hood proved off the fucking strength that he was nothing like any officer that came before him.

He couldn’t be bought by town kingpin Kai Proctor and he wasn’t letting shit slide on his watch. He brought in an MMA fighter for a sexual assault which led to him having to get in dude’s ass with fisticuffs publicly. Going on the reservation for a killer, Hood wasn’t even trying to obey the laws, b. He was straight up doing what had to be done to get the fucking job done. Hood more blunt than a fucking dutch rolled by Redman in ’92.

2) “*Fifteen* Years, Waits Up, Still Sleep, Wake-Up
Girl Gone, Break-Up, Mind Right, Cake Up”

“Hood” is a master thief with great spatial awareness and an eye for security. He learned some tricks from his dude Job, such as stealing cars, but his skills have expanded in the big picture. We’ve seen how good Hood’s espionage game is first hand. Each season we can see him casing a place, memorizing security routines, security equipment, procedures. Hood knows all his strengths as well as his weaknesses (where he would rely on one of his teammates to fill that gap). Hood always goes fucking big on his heists, dude was even down to take millions from a military boss because he knew they were on some sleazy shit. Hood the type of dude that don’t even level up his character before facing a final boss. He’s that confident in his skills to come out unscathed… and if they get pinched? That’s just life.

3) “I Only Ever Fist Fought With *People* Bigger Than Me”

“Hood” must be a fan of the Tekken series because his hand-to-hand combat game is fucking ridiculous. He’s had some military training, and more than likely Special Forces training as well, but it may even go beyond that. We’ve seen him have to fight a lot of folks that were bigger and with more weight than him. The great part about that is that he is able to go pound for pound, but he be getting his ass BEAT as well. Hood ain’t on any Steven Segal shit where he never gets touched in his fights (Steven, even Bruce Lee got hit, man… come on, you not THAT nice). Hood’s fights are all gritty, dirty, and realistic as fuck (like much all of the fights on Banshee).

COME ON MAN! COME ON MAN! WHO MORE HOOD THAN HOOD MAN?!?! MY DUDE IS A FUCKING ANIMAL! The best part is that he isn’t unbeatable though. We’ve seen Hood have to deal with folks that were better at the moment, however we’ve seen how he refined his training in order to over come the gap, as well as use moves and techniques that were used against him. Hood is an extremely tactical and technical fighter to the point that he makes shit look so easy at times.

4) “On The Record. Off The Record. If I’m On The Record, I’mma Off The Record”

It’s safe to say “Hood” is not only one of the toughest dudes in the game, but the guy is also fucking hilarious too. He literally has no regard or filter for any situation. He was tied up by a dude trying to find the real Hood’s son, Jason, who owed him some money. Hood proceeded to just sit there and make fat jokes on dude even during and after being tortured. Chayton Littlestone had a fuckin’ army outside the police station and Hood’s response was “Hey Chayton… FUCK YOU.” The dude really gives no immediate fucks. He rolled up in a neo-Nazi neighborhood with Emmet and was like…

THE MAN HAS ZERO CHILL NO MATTER THE SITUATION! Where most people would be shitting their pants, or at least be a little nervous, Hood will roll up eating a fucking Klondike bar and start dissing folks’ dress game. He’ll have a gun in his face (which happens at least three times a week) and will still drop a lil’ one-liner like it’s just another Tuesday. He killed a dude (rightfully so) and was eating their food at the reception; just no fucks given, man. Hood be acting like he used to play the dozens in Harlem growing up.

5) “Oh Lord, Know Yourself, Know Your Worth.
My Actions Been Louder Than My Words.”

The cool thing about Hood is that as good as he is, he is someone that can let go. He wanted his life with Anastasia/Carrie back so badly, but there came a point where he pulled himself into the background once their past ghosts were exorcised (nothing a couple bullets to bodies couldn’t solve). Hood was going to get on with his life and even though he wanted to be there for his daughter, he wasn’t going to take that from Gordon (per his requests). Hood was so close to making many sacrifices of what he wanted for what would be best.

That’s the real tragedy of this series. Hood’s methods may be violent but they brought about true change for the town. He was going to skip town on another violent note (when Siobhan found out the truth about his sheriff stint) to tie up loose ends, but things got complicated. When Siobhan is killed after she said she would’a gone with Hood, we see him get back up on his DUMB shit, back to that toe tags and body bags life. With Hood we see what could have been, versus the reality of his actions (that come to conclusion in season 3). We’ve seen him at his best when he is happy, but when that is taken from him? When he has to push through tragedy, death, and blood? We see then the best of the worse side of Hood.

Hood is a complex character. Thief, “officer,” con man, leader — these are just labels that fail to really capture who or what Hood truly is. Hood is a character that has so much going on beneath the surface that the more we watch him, the more we see different sides of him evolve. The question (we may never get the answer to) is what part of him is the part we are seeing more of? The good or the bad? Well if we let Emmet tell it, then the answer becomes less complex…

I’m The One They Come To See Because They All, Believe Me.

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