Westworld Recap: Reunion

Season: 2 / Episode: 2 / HBO

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Dolores if you don’t bring that ass back on liiiiiine!


Arnold got (not yet) D-Block in the real world, and she lookin’ at the city lights like what the hell is this magical shit. Apparently, they there to make a sales pitch and show off their hosts. Ahem, THE host. But Dolores still looking at the “stars scattered across the ground” and ain’t got her improvisation up to par yet. Ford like forget that. If she’s here, she ready. Arnold takes Dolores for a walk to help clear her mind / mainframe.

Arnold tells her that this is where he is moving his family so they can be closer to the park…welp. We know how that plays out. Dolores dropping some wisdom about fear and wonder and the world, and Arnold is like yeah…I don’t know if we deserve that though. Welp-squared. Then Dolores knocks that “stars scattered across the ground” line again and yeah…she ain’t ready yet. No matter. These rich ass white folks at the investor party ain’t gonna sell themselves.

Back in some time later than where we just were, the punk ass dude that ran from the party while his whole crew got slaughtered makes it to home base. I guess nobody worried that this guests ran in here panicked. Black man other than Bernard speaking alert. One of the techs makes a comment that it’s been 13 hours with no shift change so they know something is F’ed up. Finally dude is like, yo, they killin ayebody [everybody] up there. Then D-Block and her Tombstone posse come rolling in and establish some order.

D-Block keep baby walking Teddy and is like, yeah, I used to see the beauty in the world, but now I just want to kill all these mofos. The surviving guest about to piss himself when D-Block rolls up on him basically telling him about a reckoning coming. Guest gonna tell her she got no idea what’s out there, and D-Block is like yo, I got all the memories like the Avatar, b. I remember all that shit.

It was all good thirty years ago

Logan FlashBack! They kickin it at some ridiculously posh bar enjoying the scenery but Yung William out here damn near snoring. See Yung William actually been working all day while Logan probably played tennis, slept with some tennis staff, and then completed his shift for the day at this spot. Yung William calls it a night. The ARGOS initiative got an appointment. Apparently, ARGOS been secretive af, but they need that Delos capital. Angela, on the sales pitch, tells him they selling something more tangible then they’re competitors.

Westworld Season 2 CR: John P. Johnson/HBO

They go to a big party, but it’s supposed to be a private demonstration. Logan assumes that one of the folks at the party is a host. Of course, Logan was born for this. He lookin’ at everything like a snack. He basically settles on Angela being THE mark. But if you can’t spot the mark, you are the mark fam. Angela makes everyone do the breathe and stop. Yeah fam, ain’t just Angela. Ayebody is a host fam. Logan bout multiple orgasmed himself into a stupor. Ain’t nobody got this kind of tech yo.

And…you know Logan tested the merchandise. Like…didn’t discriminate gender or none of that. Dolores sees Angela sealing the deal with Logan. Yeah…she done seen this world before.

The Rolling Purge

Back to D-Block and the Purge taking folks out in the lab. Teddy is like what in all fucks man? D-Block makes Black Tech #1 show him his sheet. Teddy’s watching an endless loop of L’s he’s suffered, and he don’t know what any of it means cuz he don’t remember nothing. Also, when he shoved Black Tech #1 up against the glass I was like…can we…can we not kill the Black man? How bout we not disabled body cam your boy right now? Thankfully, he still alive for now.

Back out in Westworld Prime, we finally see Lawrence again. Who, no matter the timeline or story, is always in some mess. They got this dude strung up, upside down over an ant hill for stealing horses. That shit seems harsh. I mean, I assume they got the horses back. William in Black rolls up on them and is like, yeah, I ain’t got time for the script today and shoots all three of them dudes. Apparently, Lawrence usually gets himself free, but the new loop got the Brothers a little more formidable than usual.

And also WIB didn’t kill them all either as one gets a shot off and hits WIB in the arm. Yo, your boy gonna be a fuckin’ M.A.S.H. unit by the end of this. They struggling over the gun, and Lawrence gotta swing his ass towards the gun, toss it to WIB so that WIB can save himself.

Lawrence like he was dead and WIB with the bars:

Well, dead ain’t what it used to be Lawrence.

Are You Not Entertained

Also, nobody is enjoying themselves more than WIB, yo. This is literally an amusement park for him now. He take Lawrence to a bar hit him with the heavy shit: Your whole existence is a lie, yo. The faux revolution you been pushing. A lie too. But now, this is real af outchea. Oh, you thought we were done with WIB bars?!?! Your mans makes this whole analogy to God and says that out in the real world it’s probably bullshit, but here, cuz they been watching the hosts, it’s more of a reality.
They wanted a placed hidden from God.

Fuuccck. Westworld ain’t playin’ this year, yo. The plan is to ride west so that WIB can take care of some unfinished business. Which means the confederales. Which means they need an army.

Fam, I Literally Just Work Here

Back in HQ, D-Block got Angela doing some enhanced interrogation techniques to see when the Calvary is arriving . They talkin’ about 800 shooters desceding on them. Teddy knows they need more people, so D-Block tells Black Tech #1 to “wake up” one of the confederales.

Looks like we in the way back 30 years again. Dolores in her signature Blue cornflower dress. Teddy bout to hand her them peaches she dropped like it was hot when the whole park got the freeze motor functions. Yung William trying to sell Papa Delos on why this investment was a good one. Yung William came through with the sales pitch that basically says, so we gonna tell them their visit is confidential but we just got the best research tool in the world once these savage bastards get in.

Not Real Recognize Not Real

D-Block and the Purge rolling through with the zombie confederale looking for the rest of his camp. They seeing all kind of death and destruction yo. That’s…..because they just ran into Maeve and the Heartbreakers. Maeve is like yeah, good luck on your bringing down the empire quest. D-Block try to stop Maeve on some “winter is coming” type moment.

But Maeve could give a fuck about D-Block’s cute little revolution. D-Block talkin’ bout that liberty, but she see Teddy still being treated like a little golden retriever. IS THIS YOUR HOST?!?! Sheeeeiiiit, Maeve is like, well since you all about this here delicious freedom, I guess you cool with us freeing ourselves from this boring ass conversation then.

One Woman and an Army

D-Block finally finds the confederales at the table like the Last Supper or some shit. They a little antsy cuz the lieutenant they resurrected was dead af when this crew left them. D-Block is like yo, you’re welcome. Now, for my gift of the mystic arts, I want to join forces. Cool? LOL, bruh, not cool. D-Block gives Major Craddock the whole rundown, telling him all his plans. Yeah, your boy didn’t like that at all. Especially when D-block dropped that “under my command” part. Nah, Major like who do you think you are?

D-Block like, ok, cool. Fuck you then. Teddy and Angela draw down and kill about 12 dudes just like that. These dudes died with some damn oatmeal and goat between their teeth. Then D-Block tells Black Tech #1 to bring the Major back on line. Then drops the coldest shit of the episode so far.

You’re right, we have toiled in God’s service long enough. So I killed him. You want to get to glory, you don’t need his favor. You need mine.


No More Yung William, You Can Call Me God

We in the wayback machine again. Dolores in the all white playing the piano at the swankiest of parties. A little girl named Emily tells Dolores how beautiful she’s playing, but her mom calls her over. Annnnnd, we finally see how Yung William married his way into the empire. He comes over to them, but then starts making eyes at Dolores. Papa Delos steps in like, so…I see you contracted the talent. Apparently, this is Papa Delos’ retirement party, but he don’t see it that way. He’s convinced that Yung William trying to steal his company. Which may not matter cuz Papa Delos look like the Grim Reaper got him on speed dial. But Papa Delos say something about he may not have to stay retired…hmmm.

Later that night, Dolores in white staring at the stars on the ground. But Logan out there getting high on someone’s high end supply. And it seems pretty obvious that this is taking place after Yung William became the Man in Black and sent Logan’s buttnaked ass on a day trip across the plains. Yeah…Logan ain’t doing to well. He finally found an addiction that gonna probably be the end of him.

Hosts Said William Couldn’t Go Back Home

Back in Westworld Prime, William in Black and Lawrence go the city of Pariah looking to recruit. This shit look fanatical. Lot of bodies. Lot of candles lit. They get circled up and a familiar voice comes through. Giancarlo Esposito, my host?!?! Your boy is Lazo 2.0. Lazo thinks they took their town back from the invaders, but WIB wants to show him something bigger than all of this.

Did I say WIB had the best lines of this episode. Sorry, did I say that D-Block had the bars. Well, meet Lazo; played by one of the best actors on the planet, telling an analogy about elephants and stakes in the ground, how they learned that shit when they were young and couldn’t pull the stake up. But now that they are mammoth, the stake is what they know, and they don’t challenge it.

Good gawd, the writers ain’t fuckin’ around this episode. All that said, Lazo like, yeah, I’ve seen enough revolution, I’m good. WIB tries to take him hostage and force him to make the men submit to him. Then, Lazo start channeling Ford and tells him “this game was meant for you William, but you must travel it alone,” right before all of Lazo’s men put their guns to their own head and kill themselves. These mofos fell in a perfect circle like when you set up some dominoes to fall or some shit. THE FUCK. Is Robert just imprinted on some of these hosts? What is going on?!?! Then, Lazo forces WIB to kill him too.

Lawrence is like, so who is Robert and…did he build this place of judgment? WIB is like nah b, I built the judgement, and I’m regretting that shit.

…When I was back, Home

Dolores brings herself back on-line, but it ain’t Arnold talking to her, it’s Yung William. Yung William realizes that he wasn’t fascinated in Dolores. It was Dolores that made him see himself in the realest light. He realizes that’s what’s going to bring the boys to the yard. Seeing themselves for who they really are.

The Zombie Major and his Zombie crew rolling with Dolores and the Purge. They’ve made it to the fort, but Dolores got mad plans yo. She remembers what Yung William showed her long ago, some shit they were building. Whatever the fuck that was, she bout to use that shit to destroy any guests that wish they would! Yikes. I don’t know what that shit is, but I think it just raised the terror alert level. This is all bad, fam.

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