Wonder Woman #17 Review

Writer: Greg Rucka / Artist: Liam Sharp / DC Comics

Things are still not looking good for your MVP Amazon Diana Prince. She is still locked up and her friends are on the run. Rucka does a great job of displaying just how out of it Diana is as she talks with this snake protruding from her body. We don’t know the exact nature of this snake but it serves somewhat of a commentator upon what’s occurring with Diana. The real shit, however, comes when we check in on what’s happening with Steve, Etta Candy, and Ferdinand the minotaur.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 9.19.07 PM

They are filling Ferd with what’s happening when the got they realize the block is hot and the choppa comes out with the reaping for their ass. Minerva sees what’s going down and has to make a tough decision in order to save her friends. Yeah man, there’s a lot of gain and loss in this issue just to show you how everything has a cost. Rucka gives you the feel goods with this series and then reels those feels back in as that heartache comes in full effect. Sharp does a great job showcasing just how dark and dreary times are on the run for your life. You can see how lost Diana is just by her mannerisms and the action her friends are going through looks dumb real. The feeling of being pinned down and the urgency that comes with that is a great visualization that Sharp gets across, especially when you look at Etta Candy’s face afterward.

I like how gritty is shit has gotten in the tone of this series, it’s also obvious Rucka has a whole plan laid out and as a reader, I’m not seeing where and how this is all going to collide together which is what makes this series enjoyable.

9.1 “I”m thinking… yeah, I’m back!” John Wick quotes out of 10

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