Wonder Woman #33 Review

writer: Brian Azzarello / artist: Cliff Chiang

Changing creative teams for a major book is sometimes exciting, but more often tricky. In regards to Wonder Woman, the incoming creative team has created a lot of noise for all the wrong reasons. Let us not commit the sin of forgetting how amazing the run for the current creative team on this book has been. We have two more issues left and I’m gonna be really sad to see Azzarello and Chiang leave, but they are not disappointing anyone on their way out of the door.

A few issues back, it seemed like the large scale battle would take place in Olympus, but the revelations of last month’s issue have flipped that upside down and now the war has been brought to the Amazons themselves without their Queen and Goddess. This issue (per usual) is fantastic. Somehow Azzarello manages to distribute prime spotlights for a dizzying amount of characters and the personalities that we’ve grown to love over the last 33 issues get their moments to shine. Even though, she’s not in the fight, Diana has some great character moments as her rebuttals to the First Born almost provide a summary for why Wonder Woman has been such a beloved character.

Chiang is back doing the pencils for this book and the art is SO good. There wasn’t much of a dropoff when he wasn’t, but he just seems to work in perfect harmony with Azzarello’s script. Every triumph, tragedy and disturbing moment in this book is presented fittingly and the team as a whole is doing some of their best work towards the finale.

We only have two more issues left of this Wonder Woman run. As sad as that is, the finale that the team is building is captured by the word ‘epic’ that many comics wish they could boast. The title is befitting of the character and while I’ll be sad to see it go, I can’t wait to see how it drops the mic.


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