Wonder Woman Is Putting Everyone On Notice That She Got Next

The amazing reviews are rollin’ in which only means one thing. From this day forth the world will be asking, can Wonder Woman save the DC movie universe? The answer is simple. You dam right. I’ve only felt this way a few times about superhero movies. The feeling that I’ve been blindsided by greatness. The feeling that I’ve stumbled onto something special, despite what they said about the movie leading up to its release. The feeling of hope and optimism for a franchise I was just meh about. Ultimately, the feeling that this movie is going to have a huge ripple effect. I’m talkin’ tsunami levels of positive ramifications.

Fam, we can actually get a little hyped at the prospect of a fire Justice League movie!

I mean, it makes perfect sense. It was almost universally agreed upon that Wonder Woman was the saving grace of Batman vs Superman. Now you tellin’ me that she gets rid of that unnecessary baggage in Steve Trevor?! We canceling he who was arguably the biggest beef people have with Wonder Woman?! We ain’t gotta sit through more spoon-fed mansplaining or forced male sidekick screen time?! Sign. Me. The. Fuck. Up.

The Justice League was always the premiere group of Super Friends. Now, I won’t act like the Avengers ain’t got the juice currently, but the Justice League has walked around with an immeasurable amount of nerdy swag for the last 40+ years and they’re finally taking practice swings in the on-deck movie circle. The Justice League movie we’ve waited decades for is ready to step up to the plate and deliver the home run that maaaaaay begin to balance out the lead Marvel has on DC. And it’s all because of a Wonder Woman movie!

The superhero poster boy with an S on his chest couldn’t even do that. The biggest box office draw, in the Caped Crusader couldn’t even do that. It took the Amazon from Themyscira to show the boys how this game go. I mean, did you SEE her run out into ‘No Mans Land’ solo dolo like Leonidas and murk out ayebody while the boys literally play catch up and flank her as German bullets rain down on her like arrows that blot out the sun?! Did you see that?


Did you see ya girl skimboarding that shield off the strength of one forearm!? She ain’t need a bi or a tricep! Did you see the boys learning from the women as Trevor and co. create a giant shield springboard so she could take out the remaining women and children killing assholes up in that tower, not to mention the entire tower!? Trev learned that from Antiope, “the greatest warrior of all time”.

Although the movie merits it’s fair share of criticism, there is one major factor that keeps reminding me of how monumental this movie is. The following would’ve never happened before this week. My sister-in-law was boarding a flight and some guy was struggling to put his bag in the overhead compartment. She saw this and flexed on em, grabbed the bag, and tossed it up there with ease. A young lady sitting down saw this and had zero fucks to give about that guys feelings when she said, “Wow, I didn’t know Wonder Woman was on this flight!”

Mic drop. Fatality. Flawless Victory.

Maaaaaan, Diana Prince can hold the DC torch, Olympic torch and any other flame she so desires because Wonder Woman is now the greatest DC movie creation and gives the world hope that Justice League will be the dopeness we always knew it could be.


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