X-Force #14 Review

Writer: Benjamin Percy / Artist: Joshua Cassara / Marvel Comics

“X of Swords” went from “interesting experiment in world building” to “spicy backstabbing superhero suspense” in no time at all. This story aspires to be a lot of things and even manages to actually be most of them. It makes for a weird story collectively that I imagine will read better in trades, but it’s still mostly entertaining. The X-Force installments of the event have been among the most fun, and Issue #14 hasn’t proven to be any different in this regard.

This issue picks up where Wolverine #7 left off with Logan and Magik’s turns at bat revealing some screwed up things about this contest. Events have taken a sharp, dark turn into the unknown for our Krakoan heroes, and the tournament is less and less what it was expected to be. Benjamin Percy does a pretty good job of taking us through the strangeness of these games Saturnyne is subjecting everyone too. These tests feel so random and outside of our heroes’ wheelhouses, there are moments when you feel as out of your depth as they do. The script does a decent job of juggling a lot of characters responding to their ever-changing landscapes while still being plentiful in the action department, so the book never really lags at any point. Joshua Cassara brings a gorgeous color palette to the table in addition to lively action beats…including and especially any scene with Storm involved.

Bottom Line: This chapter fully embraces the overall weirdness this event has leaned into and plunges the reader face first in the Twilight Zone. Definitely a worthy addition.

8 Logan hangovers out of 10

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