5 Scenes I’m Looking Forward to in the Upcoming ‘I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss’ Anime


Originally created as a light novel series that launched online back in 2017, I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss by author Sarasa Nagase and artist Mai Murasaki was popular enough to yield a manga adaptation also published through Yen Press. The series delves into the popular ‘reincarnated in a villainess character’ that is so popular in the isekai genre and features a young woman who realizes that she’s now living inside the world of one of her favorite otome games–as the villainess baddie who dies a horrific death! 

Now as Aileen, the wicked noblewoman, she’ll have to work fast to change gears on the destruction coming and her bad ending! Her engagement to the prince ends unceremoniously so she’s placing her bets on the final boss character, a young man shrouded in mystery and interesting backstory. Throw in how our heroine doesn’t quite remember the timing of all the major plot points: she foolishly throws herself into the new plan: seduce the Demon King and avoid a bad ending! 

While I have not gotten around to reading the original light novels, I have, however, read and devoured the short manga adaptation. While the author did announce a year ago, on their Twitter account that an anime adaption was in production, it is only recently that we’re getting a trailer. Finally seeing the trailer for the upcoming anime series coming later this year made me think back on the quite charming, hilarious, and memorable series that I read and think about what I’m looking forward to seeing the most in its newer adaptation.

Very minor spoilers to follow

SCENE #1: Aileen and Claude’s First Meeting


Sure we get a glimpse of it in the trailer but I think the full scene of Alieen and Claude’s first meeting will be such a hilarious treat to behold when animated. Our heroine’s memory is fuzzy on some of the details of the game’s narrative but remembers Claude’s backstory and knows that he’s not a character to underestimate. She’s set on avoiding the bad ending at all costs. Her strongest memories of past play-throughs of the game means she remembers she met ridiculous ends as a villainess noblewoman who has bullied the “true” heroine of the series. Aileen always met such an end while still trying to get back into her previous fiancé’s good graces. But she’s never played through a route where the wicked villainess was an ally or attached to the not-quite-a-villain Demon King Claude. It is their first meeting that establishes that this mysterious young man who has been outed from society isn’t an evil person and yet he is not one to mess with either. Folks who are looking forward to the anime should be looking forward to how their hilarious, high energy first meeting is adapted, and the start of the dynamic relationship!

SCENE #2: The Start of Claude’s Castle Repairs


Aileen and Claude do get mixed up with each other and her hanging around actually does Claude some good: he’s getting some much-needed repairs done to his imposing but squandering castle and surrounding land that is in need of some serious TLC. Through Alieen, she opens up the doors and brings in a fantastic crew of humans to work with the Demon King’s demons to make a plan for not just the castle’s restoration but some ideas on how to make this little fief some commerce. This chapter in the manga brings in some interesting characters from different walks of life, and everyone’s work helps bring some legitimacy to the demon King’s land. I have a feeling that folks watching the anime will get a kick out of all the personalities of the kingdom’s finest who come to aid Aileen at her request and all the fun commotion that happens when the demons and humans start interacting and working together.

SCENE #3: Aileen’s Being Loved On By The Demon King’s Entourage

Even from the trailer you can imagine that Aileen doesn’t make the best first impression on Claude and his followers. That slowly changes starting with several of the young magical creatures and smaller demons that she can bully talk about doing small errands for her–all for the sake of their lord–into doing her work. From a certain flying creature with a sassy mouth who ends up loving sweets to some juvenile magical creatures Aileen saves from snobby nobles, she earns the adoration of the Demon King’s followers. And for some of them, even their begrudging respect as they start to understand that she values their lives even though they live in a kingdom where they along with Claude are persecuted mercilessly by humans. It doesn’t happen overnight and folks who are looking forward to watching the anime will be pleased with all the fighting and bonding Alieen does with the demonic crew to gain their affection and get work done.

SCENE #4: Aileen’s Entrance at the Castle’s Soiree


Towards the end of the short manga series and strumming up to the rising action for the climax of the story, Alieen who is still a noble, must attend a swanky ball at the castle. In the original story from the otome game played, it is a big event where Alieen attends in an effort to win back the affections of the Crown Prince Cedric. Now that the story has changed greatly, she’s now forced to attend by the Crown Prince in an effort to shame her publicly. But she still chooses to go, she still has her pride as a noble and doesn’t want to back down to the dimwit whom she was once in loved with! Plus, she’s hoping to make sure Claude’s reputation doesn’t get any more mud thrown on it. Folks who watch the anime adaptation will LOVE these episodes as there is so much to love: Alieen’s dress, her entrance into the castle, the big showdown fought with words, and a certain someone making everywhere swoon!



Obviously, you should have seen this one coming, right? While there’s one big glaring trope that I hate that takes place in the final volume that leads up to the big finale, the final battle is a layered one with different players and is not to be missed! I think what I loved most about the final battle and the high stakes raised is that Aileen, as a character, continues to shine in a way that reminded me why I was rooting for her so much. While I didn’t become emotionally attached to every character on the page when reading the manga, I was reminded of why cheering on the under dogs is king. I believe the final battle from the manga also had some really insightful narrative meat on what it means not just on what it means to be a ‘heroine” but also a “main character”. Roles, tropes, and stories get subverted all the time, and I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss‘s final chapter being animated will be one that I look forward to watching the most for these characters I loved following around on the page. I can’t wait to watch the anime later this year and hope you’re anticipating it too!

As reported by The Anime Network, the anime adaptation is directed by Kumiko Habara and written by Kenta Ihara, with music by Natsumi Tabuchi, Hanae Nakamura, Miki Sakurai, Sayaka Aoki, and Kanade Sakuma. Maho Film is responsible for the series animation.

I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss premieres this October.

Cover via Anime Geek

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