Another Holiday Shopping Guide for The Magical Girl Loving Fans in Your Life

I didn’t expect the reaction to the first shopping guide for magical girl loving fans that I put together! So, I knew that I just had to make one more as we slide into December! The holidays are coming up and you may find yourself at a loss on what to get your favorite hottie who is secretly a magical warrior who only wants to bring peace and love to earth? What about your cousin who wants to protect the Rose Bride? Your fave neighbor who seamlessly uses technology in their quest to fight the evil forces that prey upon the innocent?

Your fave person in the in the group chat who also just may be a duck that transforms into a talented prima ballerina? Or maybe you just want to send a “cheer up bish, things will get better (hopefully?)” gift to your favorite magical non-binary person? Hell, maybe you are tired AF from this year and just want to buy yourself something by means of self-care? Here’s your sign, treat yourself! ✨✨TREAT YOURSELF ? ? Here’s another handy little holiday shopping guide that may offer up some recommendations!

1.) Masked Magical Girl Charity Pin

This hard enamel features one of our favorite guardian of love and justice masked up and ready to roll! This Sailor Moon pin is apparently gold plated with glitter with two backer stops to keep her secure whenever you happen to leave home, always ready to remind you and others the correct way to in fact, wear your face mask–over your nose, folks! More good news! This pin is also a collaboration with Kanpai Designs–Half of the profits will be donated to UNICEF, the listing states which is “ a charity that believes in saving lives, love, and justice just like we do. ” Check it out here! Also see it on Kanpai Design’s store front here.

2.) Cardcaptor Sakura Cloth Facemask

A face mask on this list too,?! YES. Baby, if you didn’t get the memo, we going to be wearing them for a while longer! Beloved, WE’RE GOING TO BE WEARING FACE MASKS, 5-EVER! This flat, two layer cloth face mask is serving up everything that Cardcaptor Sakura fans will love. Also available in a child’s size, this white fabric with icons from the beloved anime are spread across including the titular character’s Clow cards and the ever relatable Kero in his stuffed animal form. Also available as a T-shirt, phone case, stickers, and more! Check it out here!

3.) Art is My Magic Power Iron-On Patch

I’ve bought pins and stickers from Sheila Wong before–she has such a great eye for design…I’m not into patches but hers make me look at the vintage jean jacket I just thrifted and find a place for it! The listing mentions that is “inspired by all of the strong magical girls and artists out there!” The patch is 5 x 5 inches and can be ironed on for my all my fellow magical girls who aren’t skilled with the needle (I’m going to darn those socks…one day!) Looks like it can also can be sewn on for those who can! Check it out here!

4.) Sailor Blondie Fanny Pack

“Sailor Blondie gets magical in this fanny back for the moonie on the go,” details this Sailor Moon inspired fanny pack. Days after the first Magical Girl themed shopping list went live, the merch shop for one of my favorite podcast, the Sailor Moon Fan Club Podcast went live! When I visited the online storefront, I knew I just had to share the good news about it! Made out of water-resistant material, it is sure to hold a few of your must needs where you’re out saving the world and making sure girls stand tall. With a small, customizable inner pocket, you’ll have space to stash important things like cash, your I.D., and even a magical transformation device! Check it out here!

5.) This Prince Saves Herself Throw Pillow

BREAK THE WORLD’S SHELL! I’m not quite in the decorative pillow stage (outside my bedroom, yet at least) but this pink Utena pillow might get me there! The listing of this reminds us that “Sometimes girls can be princes, and they can also save themselves.” Feel free to be inspired by Utena and invoke the fighting spirit to break down barriers and cut down stereotypes! Also available as a print, notebook, and sticker! Check it here!

6.) Wedding Peach Tarot Card Cover Notebook

This spiral notebook with 120 pages features a lovely tarot card inspired design on its cover with a nod to Wedding Peach’s “Love Angel” who was just an ordinary schoolgirl as the trope goes. With a handy document pocket inside the back cover, you’ll be able to keep everything from stickers to important real life-adult documents. Maybe you’re like me want to privately vent that Princess Peach getting (almost?) married in one of the newer Mario video games has really thrown a wrench in the search algorithms online for looking for 90’s magical girl anime that shares some of the same search terms. Check it out here!

7.) Magical Black Girls Acrylic Charms

These simple but gorgeous magical girl inspired charms feature two beauties are single sided acrylic pieces of art. The charms are 2.5” inch epoxy coated ones so they’ll last for some time while standing out of where you have them: your backpack, your favorite pencil case, even if you’re just hanging them up as art in your room! I love the gold star shaped claps and it really brings it all together! Check it out here!

8.) Final Fantasy X Yuna Staff Symbol Keychain/Necklace Charm

Okay here me out, in my heart Yuna who we first met in FFX is a magical girl. Yes. Her summoning Aeons, fantastic elemental creatures and having a developed story line (that even involved an almost wedding!) in one of my favorite games in the whole franchise is enough to put her in a Venn diagram with magical girls. Secondly if you played the sequel, FFX-2, the very first sequel in the franchise’s history, you’d know about the different costumes for different classes like (White Mage and Thief) and the in-battle sequences that were so memorable! Here this a handmade fan inspired creation of the symbol of her staff weapon from the first game is available both as a key chain and a charm for a necklace. The listing states that it is made with Magic, Crystal Resin, Aluminum–it’s a plus for any Final Fantasy fanatics who also love magical girl inspired goods! Check it out here!

9.) Magical Girl Pretty Sammy Glitter Epoxy Charm Keychain

If you came of age, watching anime when I did then you may have watched Tenchi Muyo!! on television after school. Claiming the title for the first harem anime on record I can remember watching, it also had a whole spinoff with the youngest of the crew with her being a magical girl type character. (Look it was popular enough to get a PlayStation video game as well?!) This 3 inch double-sided epoxy charm of Sasami Kawai or Pretty Sammy, is absolute darling and may ring bells of nostalgia! Check it out here!

10.) Heart of Kawaii Hiragana Shirt

HOW CUTE IS THIS SHIRT?! This unisex shirt is serving up Kawaii goodness with a cute design. Display that “your heart is filled with cuteness” with this Jersey mesh fabric shirt featuring a 12-inch design across the chest with sleeve and collar printing as well! Pink! Purple! White! Visually, it’s stunning and not overwhelming! Check it out here!

Was there anything on this list that caught your eye, fellow magical girl loving friend? Let me know in the comments!

Fancy Disclaimer: I have not received any of these items in consideration of making this shopping guide. I’m just taking a break from reading vintage shoujo manga and wanted to flex. Cheers! Shout-out to small business owners! Be sure to support them this holiday season if you’re looking to spend some coin!

Cover Image Photo Credit: Ekaterina Shevchenko

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