Arrow Recap: The Candidate

Season 4 / Episode 2 / The CW

And you say Star City! Okay, okay, that’s Omar’s intro for Arrow, but you know what? When you have such a perfect fit, it’s better to get used to it as rather than simply trying to be unique for the sake of originality. (Shout out to Omar spittin’ them flames covering Flash recaps). Speaking of getting used to it, fans rejoice! You officially no longer have be used to dealing with one horrid aspect of Arrow that has been vexing viewers and producers of the show for 70-something episodes.

R.I.P. Flashback wig.

Turning Over a New Leaf

Back to Star City! Yo the gang is all up in dem streets trying to put the kibosh on the ghosts, but they just keep coming. Luckily Ollie has Thea by his side to cripple as many of them as she can get her hands on. Oliver and company return to ArrowCave and Ollie keeps it mad real with Speedy and tells her that she’s been stepping over the line in battle. She’s out here ending careers and lives when she could easily be subduing them. I’m not one to nitpick, but for real big bruh? YOU of all people wanna come at her about killing or damn near killing people? Your body count up there with Deadpool son. Take a chill pill.He actually does take a chill pill and gives Felicity a fern and lunch he made for her first day on the job as CEO of Palmer Industries.

The Candidate

This episode centered around Jessica Danforth deciding to run for mayor. The former mayor is still missing/dead and the DA just got murked out last episode so the city kinda needs something to hope for, someone to be inspired by. Of course she’s Ollie and Thea’s deceased mom, Moira Queen’s best friend, so she calls up the kiddos and asks if they would like to have get some grub with her and her daughter. They know this ain’t no eggs benedict and mimosa meeting, they got crime fighting work to do, so they get straight to the point and ask shorty “whats really good?” She tells them that she has decided to run for mayor and wants the city’s billionaire offspring to support her cause. Ollie hits her with the midnight shade train and is like, you want the office of the 3 previously murdered mayors?

She heeds no warnings and decides to have a press conference to announce her bid for public office (cuz that’s not the worst move ever in Star City). She’s up on the screen and in front of the podium talking mad tough. Then the real tough guys pull up and unload dem rounds at the podium. She makes it out alive and is shaken but the stubborn woman still won’t take that Oliver advice and give up her mayor dreams.

Speedy Breaks, Arrow Hates, Felicity Contemplates

Felicity is having a tough time dealing with making the hard choices in a CEO’s life. She got people to fire, and a lot of them. She’s much happier in the cave helping the crew decipher forensic evidence. She works her magic then Ollie and Speedy are out on their red and green ranger biker gang flow ripping thru the city in search of some leads. They run up on some crappy warehouse full of crackheads and informants. They press an addict and Thea remembers that she’s been suffering from some sort of roid rage and proceeds to break his arm in the attempt to get info. Arrow kicks her out and I can only image what the rumor mill in Star City is sounding like.

Felicity is beasting on the hack game getting all the info on Anarky. In storms Ollie and Thea as Oliver and baby sis have a straight uppppppppp Smash Bros battle royale in front of everybody. Thea seemed out for blood while Oliver was trying to be the teacher and hold back a little. Teacher got that ass whooped though! Afterwards, Mr. Queen finally musters up the strength to tell Thea that she must be feeling the unknown but definitely fucked up side effects of being brought back to life by taking a dip in the Lazarus Pit in Nanda Parbat.

Felicity is taking another stroll down depression lane having to fire the homie who was manipulated to come up with the same list of people she has to fire.

The Darhk Side

Ollie meets up with Danforth to continue his onslaught of persuasion. She doesn’t budge though. She doesn’t think Arrow is enough for the city. Ollie doesn’t think she put enough security detail on her daughter. Anddddd she didn’t. She goes back on tv and breaks out the waterworks.

Damien Darhk is not a happy camper though. He threatens Q Lance’s daughter when they meet up and Lance decides to go Benedict Arnold. He calls Ollie and gives him the address that Anarky is holding Danforth’s daughter at.

Ollie and the squad save the daughter then Ollie calls for a time-out and makes sure Thea is ready. Time-in. A mediocre battle ensues. I’d go through the play by play but I’m not tryna’ lull you to sleep. The only worthy aspect of this encounter was the true reveal of how fucked up Thea has become. They have Anarky on the ropes and could quickly bring him down but Thea decides its a good idea to see if he has any Johnny Storm powers and uses Anarky’s lighting rod to light dat chemical soaked ass on fire. Full on engulfed in flames B! What’s crazier is that homie gets up and starts throwing the blazin’ hands right at Speedy! Ollie realizes dude must be out his God awful mind and sends a shaft flying at a pipe above them in order to put out the inferno.

Danforth and her daughter are reunited then she decides to have ANOTHER press conference. Absurd, I know. Luckily, this time she’s decided to take a step out of the spotlight and no longer run for mayor. Q Lance hopped on the shade train and hit Ollie with a mean burning people alive uppercut.

Late Episode shockers

Felicity weasels her way into buying herself 6 months to come up with some revolutionary technology. Seems like we’ll be seeing a lot of Felicity and her new work husband.

The other leading ladies of the show close out on some ominous shit. Laurel wants Thea to go with her to Nanda Parbat. She starts off acting like it’s all to help Thea figure out what happened to her. “The League is the only place you can get your answers”, she says. Really she just wants to go there for her own selfish reasons. Probably to get her hand to hand combat game up.

They wind up at the grave of Sarah Lance and we’re left with that disturbing bleach blonde skeletal image, so there’s no mistaking she definitely wants to bring her sister back from the dead. Andddd get her Mike Tyson hand game up.

Last, but not least. Oliver Queen has decided to be the inspiration that Lance and Danforth claim the city needs and run for mayor!

Quiver Me Timbers!

Is it me, or is Quentin Lance just the mean asshole this season?

That first scene, when Ollie shot the rope arrow, then Canary hopped on it, and kept it moving like it was nothin? Flawless.

Now that Ollie has finally lost the wig, nobody wants any more flashbacks. Just give me dope ass fight scenes and bad guys with crazy powers and I’ll continue to give you ratings.

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