Ja-Quan Greene

Ja-Quan is a NYC teacher and artist holding a B.A. in Sociology and History from SUNY New Paltz. On his journey to become Hokage, the Lord of The Speed Force and Protector of the Recaps can be found North of The Wall, chopping it up on Twitter @OGquankinobi
S.W.O.R.D. #10

S.W.O.R.D. #10 Review

Writer: Al Ewing / Artist: Jacopo Camagni / Marvel Comics Who’s the snitch, the ...

Kang the Conqueror #4

Kang the Conqueror #4 Review

Writer: Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly / Artist: Carlos Magno / Marvel Comics This ...

Black Widow #12

Black Widow #12 Review

Writer: Kelly Thompson / Artist: Elena Casagrande / Marvel Comics When emotion overcomes me ...

Inferno #2

Inferno #2 Review

Writer: Jonathan Hickman / Artist(s): Stefano Caselli / Marvel Comics Excuse the blatantly punny ...

The Magic Order 2 #1

‘The Magic Order 2 #1’ Review

Writer: Mark Millar / Artist:  Stuart Immonen / Image Comics Mark Miller is back on his mystical ...