Writer: Tom King / Artist: Tony S. Daniel / DC Comics

Batman #55 is an issue to read. It’s an issue to read, and remember where you were when you read it.

The last issue was mostly a nostalgia trip. Dick Grayson helped Bruce Wayne work his way out of his post–break-up depression so that he could go back to being his normal, dead-parents depressed. Issue #55 continues this trend as we watch the two on patrol like it’s old times.

Our Editor-in-Chief cleverly pointed out that one thing that King does exceptionally well is take some of the most insane and oddball parts of Batman’s canon and call it out. In this issue, the call-out is devoted to clever jabs like Robin wearing bright colors in the night, his use of mid-fight puns, and Bruce — in his cornier days — calling him “Chum” on the regular.

Batman and Nightwing

If you’re into the lighthearted, campy parts of Batman we’ve all met at some point, this part of the story is all for you. However, if you’re here for the dark and brooding sensation that Batman’s all too familiar with, you won’t have to go too far. The issue also follows the daily tasks of an unnamed man from out of town who’s come to Gotham on “business.” Of the leaving-a-trail-of-bodies-in-his-wake variety. It was also a delight to see King call-back to his own work in this issue.

Now, back to my first statement in this review. Things happen. I won’t spoil them here, but brace yourselves. And, Tom, just so you know, we’ve got a problem. WHY’D YOU DO THIS?!?!

Anyway, to end things on a calmer note. Let’s get Chris Campbell off of the Gotham Knights. It’s about damn time!

9.4 out of 10

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Batman #55 cover


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