Convergence #2 Review

Writer: Jeff King & Scott Lobdell /Artist: Carlo Pagulayan

Issue #2 of DC Comic’s Convergence series is exactly what it hopes to be. Not a culmination of “What is?” scenarios, but a nod to some of the biggest moments and stories to ever land on the pages of DC’s comics.

Convergence #2 opens with narration from a journalist, and not cape-crusading, Dick Grayson telling the story of a world on the verge of destruction – his world. In the flashback, we see Grayson and his son try and gain access to the escape vessels headed for space by moving up in the line and using the name of his wife, Barbara Gordon. But because Barbara isn’t with them, presumably dead, they aren’t given access. Just then, a woman comes and takes the young boy to safety as the guards begin firing upon the crowd, adding to the tumultuous chaos that is the foreseeable end of the world.

In present day, Grayson is being held captive by Telos, a servant to the basically deified Braniac, who is responsible for monitoring all of the cities that were salvaged from planets across space and time, moments before they were destroyed. He’s there along with a handful of other heroes, such as Earth 2 versions of Superman, Green Lantern, Yolanda Montez, Flash and Batman. For those unaware, this Batman isn’t Bruce Wayne, but his father, Thomas. In his reality, Thomas survived being attacked by Joe Chill outside of a movie theater that night as a result of his dealings with the Falcone family. Later on in life, Bruce dies and Thomas becomes the Dark Knight.


After the group breaks free and gains the advantage long enough to get away and regroup, Batman and Grayson go off to look for reinforcements in a Pre-Flashpoint version of Gotham City. Although it isn’t his own city, Wayne’s familiarity with it shows there isn’t much difference. They make their way into the Batcave where they’re greeted by Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred and Dick share hold a conversation which shows that some things don’t change no matter what dimension you’re in. Like how you like your tea. But this also lead to a moment comic book fans are sure to remember for the rest of their lives.

Two versions of Batman come face-to-face. One, a man in the prime of his life who was an orphan seeking retribution for his parent’s death. The other, an aging man that spent the rest of his life wishing he could have done more to save his family. They take off their masks and share the once in a lifetime instance.

Readers aren’t told what the two said to each other, if anything. And I hope we never are, just so that we can imagine what we each feel was the perfect moment. Seeing this brings closure to all of us after spending our entire lives watching the reeling effects of tragic loss and obsession. If the Convergence series continues with moments like this, we have a lot to look forward to.


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