Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection “F” is Good but Not Perfect

Alright, so let me say a few things. First, I enjoyed this movie and I thought it was extremely enjoyable from a fan standpoint. Second, this movie is made for fans — it’s basically like seeing your uncle that you haven’t seen in a few years (the uncle that doesn’t just show up for food) and gives off an all around good vibe. Third, Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, the new character that was introduced, was extremely entertaining. Even with all of that, this movie is lacking in a few departments that could definitely have been improved to make this movie a little better.

*There are basic plot spoilers, so be warned!*

So the plot of this movie revolves around Frieza, who doesn’t learn his lesson at all from his past defeats, and is stuck in a cute hell — a hell made of stuffed animals and fairies that sing and dance. Just an all around terrible place, really. Anyways, Frieza is revived and trains for four months to achieve a power as strong as a Super Saiyan God. Let me repeat that: Frieza trains for four months and goes from not being able to beat a regular Super Saiyan, to being able to fight on par with the Super Saiyan version of a Super Saiyan God. Basically, if Frieza wanted, he could be the most powerful being in the universe, but the dude never feels like training. So he fights Goku and can’t beat him, then Frieza cheats and Goku gets severely injured, then Vegeta steps in and beats up Frieza. However, before Vegeta delivers the finishing blow some stuff happens and then Goku ends up actually defeating him. Then it’s happily ever after the end. Beautiful summary, I know.

Let’s get down to business to defeat the huns — I mean, to talk about the flaws. The glaring flaw in this movie to me is Frieza himself. Not the character or his voice, by the way, because the voice actor and his dialogue might have actually been the best thing about this movie. No, I mean the way the character was used. Frieza trains and becomes extremely powerful but still can’t beat Goku, and I feel like that takes a lot away from this movie. I feel like if he was able to defeat Goku and maybe forced him and Vegeta to team up it would have made for a better final fight. The fact that Vegeta doesn’t get to land the finishing blow and finally be the one to defeat Frieza didn’t feel right either, but maybe that’s just me. The fight wasn’t as epic as it should have been. The length was long, but it didn’t have that climactic feel to it. Maybe it was because it wasn’t all animated the same way and it kept using CG animation a lot.

Honestly, the best moments of the movie didn’t come from the main fight, it came from the fight before it. We see Frieza invade Earth with a shitload of soldiers and it’s up to Tien, Krillin, Master Roshi, Jaco, Piccolo, and Gohan (who has really softened up from his teenage years) to hold them back. These fight sections give us all the nostalgia we could want with Special Beam Cannon, Destructo Discs, Tri-Beams and the OG Kamehameha from Roshi himself. I really enjoyed this whole scene because it showed what all those characters could do with their backs against the wall. I always enjoy when side characters are used effectively.

Speaking of side characters, Beerus, the god of destruction and his attendant, Whis, are hilarious in this movie and quick with the sass. I wish Trunks and Goten had a little screen time, but they weren’t in this movie at all which felt a little weird, too. Yamcha also wasn’t in the movie, but it’s probably for good reason he might have died again and we wouldn’t want that.


All in all I did enjoy this movie, it was just a little bit of a letdown in its final act. You could argue that the build up towards it was more satisfying than the conclusion with how amazing Frieza and all the other characters are throughout the running time. So should you go out and watch it at your theater? Absolutely. Go out and watch it and have fun with all the Dragonball fans around you. Go make some memories and maybe some friends while you’re at it.

P.S. Make sure you pack some senzu beans because you know that movie theater food is expensive.

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  • William Young

    Staff Writer

    Lover of Hamtaro and an eater of Oreos. Careful with what you say about me because I might throw it "Right Back Atcha." That's just a Kirby joke. I speak in references and I'm the awkward guy in the corner at a party. Hit me up if you wanna talk about magical girls in a totally appropriate way.

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  • Jon E.

    Not a bad installment per se, it just had a lot of flaws.

    The best part of the movie? The pre-fight of Frieza’s army vs. the Z-Fighters.
    The worst part of the movie? The main fight’s nonexistent tension and the ridiculousness of the plot’s ending.

    I wrote a whole lot more but don’t want to ramble here due to your request for brevity.

  • Richard Garabedain

    Why were the fights scenes so incomparable to Battle of the Gods. I am really very disappointed in the action sequences.

    • William Young

      I don’t know it felt like they didn’t put as much effort into the actual fighting but made a better story in this one instead in my opinion

  • Dbzfan

    The biggest flaw is the fact that someone cannot be brought back with the dragonballs, if they’ve been dead more than a year.

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