Green Lantern #2 Review

Pour One Out For The Guardians

Writer: Geoffery Thorne / Artist: Dexter Soy and Marco Santucci / DC Comics

The Lanterns come together to mourn the loss of a Guardian.

This second issue felt like a first issue. And that’s a good thing. 

After coming together to mourn and bury a Guardian who was killed by terrorists in issue one, the Lanterns have to face a restructuring of the Corps that many aren’t happy about. 

Due to Oa joining the United Planets, the Green Lanterns aren’t needed in every area they initially were. So, they now have to work in tandem with the United Planets and their own galactic peace keeping agency. 

The Guardians tackled this problem by eliminating countless sectors, and restructuring Lanterns to different areas without their consent or even having the decency to soften the blow. Everyone is shuffled up, and no one is where they truly want to be. It’s a mess. 

John is leading a group of a thousand Lanterns into an unknown region of space to provide aid if needed and explore why it’s cut off from the rest of the known galaxy. 

Just as everyone is coming to terms with their new responsibilities, a cataclysmic event throws all of these new plans in the air while having the potential to change the balance of peace keeping power in the galaxy forever.

This issue really dealt with the inciting event of its debut in a way that felt like it was moving forward and moving on, when in reality, it was just speeding right into the real inciting incident. This time it feels final. I like this as a technique. It’s like the book has had two hooks. And it doesn’t even feel like a bait and switch. The conflict from the second issue is much stronger, but the things set up in the first issue are still going to cause some issues in the future as well. 

I’m really loving how this series is wasting no time ramping up the stakes, and how after the second issue, it seems things are going in a different direction than I initially thought. This series is safe in Thorne, Soy, and Santucci’s hands. My mouth is full of popcorn and my hands buttered up while I wait to see how these characters navigate these unprecedented situations they find themselves in.

10 Oan Funerals out of 10

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