Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out #5
( Lady Danger: Agent of B.O.O.T.I)
Writer: Alex de Campi/Artist: Mulele Jarvis/
Colorist: Marissa Louise/ Cover Artist: Francesco Francavilla /Darkhorse Comics

First things first after you look at this breathtaking gorgeous cover by Francesco Francavilla of the main character Lady Danger, you turn the page and you are greeted with these words:

In the past, when Americans were in danger abroad, the president marshaled the full might of the
United States military to exfiltrate them.

But no longer.
Today, when our citizens overseas need rescuing, POTUS sends one black girl with no guns . . .


Still with me? I sure hope so because this is a wild ride from start to finish and part two drops next month. This issue starts the story arc of Rachelle who is your ordinary store clerk riding out that retail job and suffering abuse for all kinds of disgruntled customers who don’t have anything else better to do. WELP. That’s her day job OR her cover job because she’s really Lady Danger.


Lady Danger the badass babe who kicks ass, takes names and looks phenomenal while doing it wearing the perfect cut with a two-toned dye job. Lady Danger who spreads that #BlackGirlMagic around while being the best agent of B.O.O.T.I. wearing purple lipstick?! (That’s Bureau of Organized Terrorism Intervention to you) I was almost already sold on the name, Lady Danger to tell the truth. Since I’m Black Nerd Problems’ lipstick aficionado, I should let you know that she shares a name with a fantastic shade lipstick shade from M.A.C.




This is really just a fun comic. It’s all ass whoopings and color and fuss and pretty ladies and a creepy villain that just won’t stay away. There’s betrayal and someone getting drunk and someone else getting their heart broken. Writer Alex de Campi must have had a blast outlining this issue for it’s all over the place yet still very easy to be sucked into. Even the minor character add to the mix adding some comic relief. (Yes, you should NEVER take romantic advice from a man named Paco). Artist Jarvis keeps the action coming page after page with bodies flying and liquor being spilled while Louise, the colorist fills in those pages; with people of all shades and varying degrees of melanin and all manner of objects–the rose petals! The french fries! If you happen to go buy a print copy of this, you won’t be disappointed.  (For the commenter below, it is digital. See here)


Part Two of Lady Danger’s adventures drops next month with Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out #6. a release date of July 27. Expect more blaxploitation badassey mixed with more hilarious quips, ninjas,  black girl magic and a cover by AFUA RICHARDSON! Stay tuned for more Grindhouse as we’ll be sure to review the next issue!


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  • J.C. Henry

    Interesting. Is is digital yet? I am that kind of Lazy.

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