Hellions #11 Review: Save Us Mister Sinister

Writer: Zeb Wells / Artist: Stephen Segovia / Marvel Comics

Hellions does not disappoint as far as X-books go. Mister Sinister running his own black ops team while (sometimes) resisting the urge to stab them all in the back is dark, hilarious and a necessary change of pace from deathly serious, big idea stuff that makes the Hickman era of X-Men tick.

Did Someone Order A Rescue?

Okay, class, if you’ll turn your textbooks to Hellions issue #11, you will find our heroes still trying to figure a way out of the dreadfully dressed Arcade’s web of mind games. Fortunately (and at the same time, UNfortunately) for the team, their not-so-fearless leader, Mister Sinister, despite being the absolute worst, is coming to the rescue. Nathaniel Essex is a delightfully evil show stealer at just about every turn. He carries the book even when the rest of the cast is perfectly adequate holding their own in the narrative. Sinister’s leadership is a house of cards that you just know is going to come down around his ears eventually. Still, the ride until then is hilarious yet compelling. He’s constantly cracking jokes and never taking his situation seriously…while also very casually breaking one of Krakoa’s cardinal laws.

Hellions #11

Stephen Segovia’s artwork fully embraces the overall dark comedy elements in Wells’ scripting. The color palette is definitely well suited to put the spotlight firmly on Sinister’s antics while also displaying some terrifying elements of Psylocke’s nightmares.

Bottom Line: Hellions #11 is a fun book while never losing sight of the Hickman grand design. This is easily one of the most consistent, least discussed books in the franchise right now. Definitely worth the coin.

8 Mastermind hobbit cloaks out of 10

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