writer: Geoff Johns / artist: Doug Mahnke

We’ve been in a new era of the Justice League ever since Atomica dropped that hot sixteen of Kryptonite into Superman’s brain. Post-Trinity War, post-Forever Evil, we’re still dealing with fallout from all of those events. The biggest of which, is Lex Luthor’s quest to be come the greatest hero in all the land via becoming part of the Justice League. Things come to a head in this issue as various teams and interests converge on the same point to deal with the threat of Power Ring and its host Jessica Cruz. Just about everyone is pushed to the background besides Niles Caulder, Lex, Jessica and Batman. Oh yeah, Batman. Not that he needs any more triumphant moments, but it was nice to see him win out the struggle to save Jessica with empathy. And not how he usually wins…by outsmarting someone or giving them a concussion.

Both the rest of the Justice League and Doom Patrol are largely forgotten in this issue to make way for the “showdown” of sorts between Batman (excuse me Bruce) and Lex. Lex getting a comeuppance was inevitable but still satisfying. This overall a decent issue, but I think this was a good place to tie a ribbon on Lex forcing the issue and see a resolution it as this was starting to wear on long.

Johns keeps the Justice League moving along and hopefully, we’ll get more of the actual Justice League moving forward. Hopefully. Lex as a fixture in all of that doesn’t feel permanent, but it is an interesting change up. It will be interesting to see what happens when he’s actually involved in the “saving peoples lives thing.”


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