New ‘Blossom Detective Holmes’ Teaser Hits the Internet

? New Episode Coming Summer 2020! ?
  • Back in 2018, 2,718 backers pledged $195,693 to help bring a Kickstarter campaign for Blossom Detective Holmes: The Animated Mini-Series to life.

    I was one of those backers.

    The show is created, produced, and directed by Steve Ahn, a distinguished director and artist known for his work on DreamWorks’ Voltron Legendary Defender, Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Legend of Korra, and more. Steve and Team Holmes have been working to make a series that will be filled with twists, turns, and laughs. Blossom Detective Holmes is a crime mystery suspense genre made for an audience of young adults and up! Enough money was raised to fund nearly a handful of episodes, and the pilot episode has been released already to great fanfare.

    The Story

    Two teenage detectives, Skylar Holmes and her partner Jamie, take on the case of a suspicious robbery from their client, Mr. Edvard. Skylar and Jamie both have unique skills that make them the best in the business. Skylar has the instincts of an expert detective and a heightened sense of smell, almost hound-like, that allows her to gather data through scent alone. Jamie, on the other hand, is meticulous and uses visible evidence and logic to uncover the truth. Jamie also carries a special Polaroid camera that can transport them anywhere in the world with a quick snap of the camera. Another cool fact: the series’ two female leads speak in Korean and are voiced by the same person: Ye Rim Kim.

    The Pilot Episode

    The Mission

    From the director and artist behind Voltron Legendary Defender and The Legend of Korra, join Steve Ahn in a new thrilling crime mystery anime mini-series, Blossom Detective Holmes. Voltron and Legend of Korra made a big impact on the animation industry by helping popularize anime-style shows in America. The Kickstarter campaign page elaborates on how Blossom Detective Holmes can help continue this exciting movement. The KS page further details: “In the end, all we want to is to share our love for animation in the form of storytelling that is rarely seen in the American animation community.” Blossom Detective Holmes worked up enough interest in making it one of the top 25 most-backed animation Kickstarters to date.

    Cinema, but animation, especially, can be a pricey endeavor, and I love to see creative minds using newer tricks and tools like crowd funding to help bring about what’s needed to get projects funded. The pilot episode featured the work of a great staff line up with former artists from Ghibli, Pixar, Disney, and DreamWorks. Here’s to hoping that that quality seen continued in future episodes.

    This teaser is a taste of the new episodes coming our way with Summer 2020 around the corner–a very much welcomed thing to look forward as we’re all mostly confined to home during how Rona’ aka Coronovirus had impacted the world over. Three cheers for independent animated mini-series and three cheers for the suspense, mystery, and action genres shining!

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