New Nerds to Watch: New Women Actors on the Nerd Entertainment Scene

There are a few actors out there that I’ve peeped creeping into nerd entertainment, and I am ecstatic for the future that lies ahead. We’re used to seeing the same faces over and over, especially when it comes to women. I mean, Sigourney Weaver is in everything. But recently some new women actors have stepped on to the scene.

Zazie Beetz

For our first newborn nerd career let’s talk about Zazie Beetz. Her role was just recently announced and she’s looking sexy fierce as Domino in Deadpool 2.

2.Zazie Beets Resized 60x60

You may have seen her more notably as Van, Earnest ‘Earn’ Marks’ (Donald Glover’s) love interest and mother of his daughter in the phenomenal show Atlanta on FX. Zazie honestly made me feel people like me do belong on TV! I had never seen her before and I am in love with shows and movies that cast people I have never seen before, mainly because I know there is a wealth of talent that exists that hasn’t had a chance to shine cuz of celebrity culture. It feels like they were looking for someone perfect for the role, someone who can innovate on the character, and I’m loving it. And her hair made me jump for joy. You have no idea how awesome it is to see my hair texture flying free on TV. And people (you know which people) are upset that her hair is not practical for the role… please

4.Sit Down

Looking back at her IMDb (my favorite past time,) I see she has done a number of projects, nothing super huge until a series called Easy on Netflix and of course Atlanta. She caught the six degrees of separation to the Marvel Universe, or one degree… linking with Donald Glover, whom I am sure is a big nerd and who has now debuted in several comic projects including Spider Man Homecoming. And then Zazie is cast in Deadpool 2! Coincidence or strategic?? Either way, she was on someone’s mind to be cast in a role that flips the script on Domino. Please pull out all the stops Zazie, I want to see you all over this nerd world!!
(BTW I’m gonna find a way to mention Spider Man Homecoming in each one of my articles from here on lol.)

Sofia Boutella

Now this next treasure is my girrrrl – no one sees her coming, they really don’t and that is – Sofia Boutella. I seriously would have written about her as fictional Bae but… fictional is lies, this is BAE.

Sofia Boutella Algerian Actress Dancer Model

From the first time I saw her in Kingsman as Gazelle, I fell in love. She plays the right hand of Samuel Jackson, her character is enabled with gazelle prosthetic legs fully equipped with swords and is the baddest B in the film. I didn’t want to pick sides, cuz I really just wanted her to have more screen time. Her physicality shone and brought a certain je ne sais quoi to the movie. I didn’t know who she was, but knew I was an instant fangirl for her. She is an Algerian born dancer, starting out touring with the likes of Madonna. Then, starring in one of the many Step Up movies, she broke into the film industry. With the popularity of Kingsman, she made it to the set of Star Trek Beyond as Jaylah – the alien ally to the stranded starship. Throughout the movie I was enamored with Jaylah’s line delivery, comedic timing, and rugged individualism, and had no idea who she was. When I found out it was Sofia, that’s when I knew she was the new nerd bae in my life.

Sofia Boutella plays Jaylah in Star Trek Beyond from Paramount Pictures, Skydance, Bad Robot, Sneaky Shark and Perfect Storm Entertainment

You can see her in the newest reboot of The Mummy with Tom Cruise, (my only reason for seeing that movie) then most recently in Atomic Blonde. She is a fantastic physical actress of course, beautiful and from what I’ve seen throws herself into her roles. I love her brand! And girl, I see you planning a nerd entertainment take over – I ain’t mad, I am rooting for you!!

Aubrey Plaza

Lastly this woman is playing us for sure, making us think she’s typecast and set in her brand, then pulling out all the tricks up her sleeve. Don’t play with me Aubrey Plaza.

7.Aubrey Plaza 70x70

This woman plays the cynical dark comedic role in Parks and Rec, making us love her hateful ways as April Ludgate — making an adorable couple with Chris Pratt’s character Andy Dwyer and keeping us longing for her deadpan delivery. She does this with a different panache in one of my favorites, Scott Pilgrim, as Julie Powers. I just COULD NOT with her as Daria in the fan trailer of the cult classic cartoon. Just when you think you’ve got Aubrey figured out, she goes and stars in Legion….
If you don’t know, now you know, ninja – cuz she f*#%s your mind up.

Using skills you didn’t know she had, giving you chills and goosebumps. Playing the alter ego Lenny Busker to the main character David Haller (Dan Stevens). Plaza takes sanity, pushes it over a cliff, and you frickin love watching it fall into darkness.

8.Lenny Busker

She plays this character so seamlessly, you would have thought she was born this way. Using, the script, set, character, all of it – as her personal playground. I left that show feeling seriously played, like Aubrey, why you didn’t tell anybody! I didn’t know I could love her more, and didn’t know I could be this excited about the future of an actor’s career. If you didn’t watch Legion – get on it, and watch all the way through to the end, that’s where Ms. Plaza is a real treat.

There are many more where these talented women came from. New Nerds I got my eyes on you…

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