Well, we knew this was coming. The papers haven’t even completely rested on the ground from DC’s big movie release news a couple of weeks ago and Marvel sends the comic book nerdsphere into another hurricane. Announcing movies for new and familiar characters all the way through 2019, you know the crew had some thoughts about that.

There’s quite a few Stephens in the world of right now, a few notable ones include:

Stephen King, creator of several of our favorite tales that thrill us and scare us,

who is perhaps one of the biggest names in both the movie industry and any bookstore or library

steveph king


There’s Stephen Hawking, creator of much research in the fields of general relativity,

who is one of the best known for his contributions to the world of physics:

steven h

There’s Stephen Colbert, whose greatest achievement will be  becoming the new  Falcon , television show host, media critic and comedian who graces our television screens with his brilliant humor.



Now Marvel thinks were finally able to handle another Steven…



That’s Stephen Vincent Strange aka Dr. Strange to you and he’s conjured himself up a feature film with Marvel and all the other sorcerers are jelly now.  Enter Master of the Black Arts, enter Sorcerer Supreme, enter  the channel-er of all kinds of wierd and unffathomable shit into the Marvel Film Universe. This is great bcecause it’s starting to look like we’ll maybe one day even see Marvel Universe’s Illuminati together soon. I mean with The Black Panther also getting his own film …who knows? Nah. Scrath that, I just thought of Reed Richards and that’s a whole other story to get into regarding The Fantastic Four.

But truly, I believe that we’re all due for a treat. I think we’re going to go out and watch this film and wonder how the Marvel Universe did without Stephen Strange.  He most definitely brings some new to the table and he mixes things up on a grand scale.  He’s not a brawler. He’s not a mutant. He’s not an Inhuman. He’s not royalty. He doesn’t have access to high tech suits and gadgets. But he does cast spells. He does open up portals to let in  all type of manners of dark  things. He can make several copies, duplicates of himself. He does reign as a thinker, a strategist supreme and a class act to boot. 


Oh wait, I did’t even cover, who is donning the robes for this role, did I?!

dying brb

YUP. The Marvel Universe got that Sherlock Holmes, That Khan (sigh), That Smaug treatment in the way of Benedict Cumberbatch (Stay OFF tumblr, if you don’t want to know all of  less appeasing nicknames). I’m not saying that he was my FIRST choice… Jeff Goldbum, Jeff Goldbum, Jeff Goldbum, Pedro Pascal, You know what let me stop before I give you a fancast.

But I’m looking forward to Marvel bring the Strange, Dr. Strange which will fit in nicely with the rest of the lineup of films that Marvel’s putting out AND to remind folks of  that Marvel’s Civil War is getting the feature film treatment as well THE SAME YEAR so I’m excited on seeing Strange on the big screen.



  • Carrie McClain is writer, editor and media scholar. Other times she's known as a Starfleet Communications Officer, Comics Auntie, and Golden Saucer Frequenter. Nowadays you can usually find her avoiding Truck-kun and forgetting her magical girl transformation device. She/Her

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