Writers: Sebastian Kadlecik, Kit Steinkellner / Artist: Emma Steinkellner / Translator: Valeria Tranier / FanBase Press

Editor’s Note: FanBase Press is releasing two issues of Quince at a time as part of a special summer promotion. Two issues of Quince! Check out our review of issue #10 .

[dropcap1]Q[/dropcap1] has her arch-nemesis. Garrett knows Lupe’s secret superhero alias. Lupe is left to steam at school cause not only can she not just cream this dude with her fists, she also can’t focus on anything which leads for self-doubt to kick in. There are problems in life that don’t fall in the black and white areas–they kick back and chill in the grey areas. Superheroes find themselves with problems, with conflicts that can’t be solved simply with their fists. Lupe Veracruz, teenager, high schooler, sister, daughter, granddaughter and also known as the superhero Q, has a problem that she can’t just beat down or leave tied up for the police. What is our girl going to do? It’s a conflict that has arisen that presents the readers with a viable question to ask themselves: what would you do? When someone seeks to undermine your integrity, your mission, what are your options?


Lupe’s very expressive facial expressions and body language have never steered us wrong and here in this issue, they showcase the girl we’ve come to know and love as defeated. As shut down. As down for the count. She wallows and drifts, unsure of herself and why she’s been doing this, why she’s in the superhero game. Surprisingly absent is Abuela, I was expecting to see her pop up and give a pep talk. Looks like Lupe is trying to grow up a bit and tackle this on her own which is admirable, however, she does make a pit stop to visit her favorite Devon for a spell whose first attempts at being a confidant are off to a rocky start.

crying emoji
“Negative Zero Isn’t a Number” Me: [strangled cry] [knocks over glass of lemonade on table]

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We’re left with a Lupe who is ready to be bold again and step out on faith, on what’s been ingrained in her, on what she knows is right. She places the ball in Garrett’s court and she ready to be Q once again. I’m glad for her revived trust in herself and Lupe prepping herself to do her best.

9 Bleh-My-Life Out of 10

If you like what you read so far, consider pre-ordering the trade paperback which will be available later this year collecting all fifteen issues.

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