Slice Trailer: Horror Comedy Gold

  • The Slice trailer gave me R.L. Stine goosebumps that tickled my funny bone. A pizza shop sitting on top of a gateway to hell with hilarious characters helpless to it’s wrath. First of all – the cast, the cast, the cast! It’s like someone took a list of every person I would like to see in a flick together and made it so. On top of that, made it a genuine, fun-loving, horror/syfy jammy jam.

    What Do We Got?

    We got, Paul Scheer (Fresh off the Boat / Veep) who owns a small town pizza store. After some very strange deaths, it’s revealed that his pizza shop is a gateway to hell. We then see the horrific outcomes of this portal terrorizing the likes of: Hannibal Buress (Broad City) one of the chillest, best-timed comedians, Joe Keery (Stranger Things) whom we know can hold a comedic role, Zazie Beetz who looks like she will be the badass slayer taking down demonic beasts – AND Chance the Rapper! An eclectic cast / band of characters to watch have witty rapport as they slice (eh eh) necks and get possessed. I am aaaaalllll about this.

    Some of the best horror films are comedies: Jennifer’s Body, Shaun of the Dead, Drag Me to Hell, What We Do in the Shadows. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like those, they are entertaining and side splitting, well made and clever. This movie looks like it is right up that alley and beyond, an amazing big screen directorial debut for Austin Vesely (also the writer).

    Once Upon A Time

    There was a werewolf-killing pizza delivery boy and an investigation into what it all means! Demonic green light escaping from Hell and what looks like zombies involved as well, I’m just giddy with the thought. In this day and age, I am glad to see a diverse set of peoples and creatures in what could be a new cult classic film. They better not commit the Black Nerd Problems sin and kill off the black people… They seem smarter than that, but we’ll see.

    As sh$t hits the fan we see, Y’lan Noel (Insecure) involved. I’ll never forget his performance in The First Purge just Bruce Willis-ing MotherFers, I hope he brings that! And Chris Parnell (Anchorman) is in the cast too! All of this and pizza, what more could we want?

    I know – even before I have seen this movie – that Slice is going to be on my Halloween movie marathon list. The movie is done and should be out sometime this year – (hopefully in time for Halloween).

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    • Aisha Jordan

      Staff Writer

      Aisha Jordan is an Actor, Writer, and Producer in new media with a B.A. from The New School and M.A. in Arts and Politics from NYU. She’s a Podcast Producer on I Love a Lifetime Movie, The Table is Ours, and Origins of Hip Hop and Staff Writer at Black Nerd Problems and co-creator/host for the entertainment podcast 2Nerds and an Actor. She’s Co-Executive Producer and actor for the newly formed Village Park Productions with sketch comedy series #HashtagTheShow. Jordan was featured in Title X’s PSA on reproductive rights, and HBO’s Random Acts of Flyness. She’s a member of the Writer’s Guild of America East.

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