The Pull – 01/06/2021: Comics to Read Before Virtual Learning Begins Again

Well, we have made it to 2021, and season 2 of 2020 is off to a drama-filled start. So, here are some comics to read while you sit at home with your kids for a while longer.

Crossover #3

What keeps drawing me back is Shaw’s absolutely incredible artwork. As noted before, visually this story is stunning. The line work, the character designs, the blended styles that Shaw is able to achieve along the colorist Cunniffee. This book is a masterful demonstrate of color, contrast, and scene. Every panel is a dynamic and contains multitudes of small details that carefully craft such wonderful scaffolding for Cates’s writing.

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Dark Nights: Death Metal #7

In this finale issue, Wonder Woman goes up against The Darkest Knight (Final form for The Batman Who Laughs), while the rest of the DC multiverse fights nightmare versions of themselves in the trenches. The battle between Double Dub™ and the Darkest Knight is one led with strength, will, and most importantly, truth.

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Eternals #1

Veteran Eternals fans will tell you that their most powerful capability is to combine forces, somewhat akin to the Power Rangers’ Zords becoming the Megazord or the paladin’s lions becoming Voltron. While Gillen doesn’t touch on the Uni-Mind, he does unveil the law, if you will, of the Eternals. “We are of one mind” is all it takes for an eternal decision to be declared as final, and the first final decision is to free Sprite, the most troublesome Eternal.

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Future State: The Flash #1

This issue follows a dude who runs pretty fast. You might know him as The Flash. But he’s a far cry from a scarlet speedster so far in this story, because my guy has lost all of his Speed Force abilities. The issue opens with The Flash, Jay Garrick, Max Mercury, and Avery Ho as they try to steal The Thinker’s Thinking Cap. 

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Inkblot #5

This latest issue takes us to a primordial jungle on the African continent on Mother Earth, and the cat manages to have a run in with some of the locals. And given that the location was clearly specified, the characters design quite align with the expectation which does cause a bit of a disconnect (they’re a touch fairer skinned than I’d expect). It’s not too much of an immersion break, but it is something to note.

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The Last Witch #1

It is only within the last act of the book where Saoirse reaches the “Tower in the Woods” mentioned in the front matter where I begin to the seeds of something more magical, where new elements are injected into the framework and that there is potential for this to become a more enthralling story.

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Thor #11

The things that occur outside of this dinner are secondary to the dread and distress you feel for Jane as Don discovers more and more about what has transpired while he lie dormant. Thor is visited by an old pal of Squirrel Girl, but the Thunder God’s escape still seems unlikely, the Bill and Sif ship continues to be sailed, and a key dead body is discovered.

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