Today and Tomorrow, East Coast Comic Con Is the Place To Be

East Coast Comicon cometh, all Hail the con! The Jersey comic convention is upon us beginning today, April 29th, and ending tomorrow, April 30th. This con takes place in the Meadowlands center in Secaucus, New Jersey, and if that is a shock to you it really shouldn’t be — because one, Jersey, and two, why should New York, San Diego, and Seattle get to have all the fun? East Coast Comicon started back in 2012 and has been steadily increasing year after year. If you’ve noticed, East Coast has been gaining in experience points over the years as the con has been taking more space and filling its halls with more and more exhibitors and panels with each one.

Speaking of panels, this year’s feature WWE Legend Kevin Nash (muh fucking wrasslin’) talking about his career from the pre-attitude era WWF to his run in WCW and his transition into films like The Longest Yard and the Magic Mike series. Ernie Hudson will also be in attendance for a panel about his acting career, and can we just state that Ernie Hudson is the cult classic MVP of movies and TV? I mean check the resume: Ghost Busters, The Crow, The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (I’m counting it ’cause that was my shit) and OZ. There are so many panels to attend over the next 48 hours.

East Coast Ernie

You already know there’s going to be cosplayers galore, including a cosplay contest as well. If it’s a Con, you damn well better believe cosplay is on the menu, and the East Coast cosplay scene is so strong you practically aren’t allowed in without one (that’s clearly an exaggeration… there’s obviously not a con like that. But there should be. If there is, that’s my shit right there).

East Coast Cosplay

The great thing about East Coast Comiccon is how it’s still growing, not to compare it to the size of its surrogate big sibling New York Comic Con, but it’s nice to be able to walk around and actually breathe at a con where you’re not in literal traffic. People know, there’s a lot of reasons to praise the smaller cons. Enjoy that while it lasts though because East Coast Comiccon is only going to get larger. You can check out more information on East Coast Comiccon here.

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