It’s been over 16 weeks since the last episode of Rick and Morty aired, and I’ve been feeling the loss as many of you have. It dropped without a call no text and we had just gotten back together. Just as soon as we were about to make it official, they ghosted us – That is so RICK!

Where you at?

I don’t want to skirt around it anymore – why are new episodes of Rick and Morty avoiding us? It’s driving everyone mad and I can confidently speak for all Rick and Morty fans on this. We are in uncertain times right now, not knowing when we can go outside again, or what the world will look like when we do. But I DO know that Rick and Morty was green-lit for 70 new episodes. We waited long days and nights after the announcement for season 4 to come back into our lives. I say this while being as respectful as possible to the creators who are working very hard to give us the entertainment we love. We finally get what? 5 episodes and then silence! No word, no nothing until a couple weeks ago we hear May 3rd. WOW! That is a 19 week wait and since then global unrest, maybe not from the lack of crude adult cartoon entertainment, but the waiting is felt times 10 more now.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful for these animators, the writers, the producers, the actors, the whole team. I sincerely appreciate what you do, and I am not saying that from a place of ignorance I know #producerlife its rough. It’s just… sigh. In these times a girl needs as much quality disturbing yet comforting and distracting television. Tiger King only has so many episodes, and I pray there is no sequel to that – that right there is the real life Tiger Rick and Morty, and we definitely don’t need more.

But as I screamed at my television – what did I find in my desperation? A trailer for something I did not expect, and dare I say – also wasn’t asking for.


The Co-Creator of Rick and Morty Justin Roiland spun off and created this all new cartoon Solar Opposites. Basically, as my brother put it, “Rick and Morty: Coneheads edition.” We have a family of aliens who are living on earth after crash landing in the suburbs while fleeing their exploding planet. They don’t leave, because they are self-deprecating and earth is a MESS! Sounds like Rick and Morty: Married with Children but… aliens. I’m not trying to hate, but all I actually want is to watch new episodes of Rick and Morty! I don’t know what may be going on behind the curtain, but this side project seems like maybe there is trouble in Rick and Morty paradise. Whatever that is in the minds of those two.

It makes you wonder which of the duo is Rick and which is Morty in the writers’ room. This whole thing reminds me of that heist episode of Rick and Morty, and Justin Roiland is like – you always sh** on my aliens in the suburbs story. Then, he went and pitched it to Hulu, they green lit it, and as it comes out he’s gonna realize he’s just not that into it anymore and go back to Rick and Morty. That’s how we’ll know it was all Dan Harmon’s plan to get him to choose Rick and Morty forever!!


The show looks interesting and hilarious, the trailer drew me, it tasted familiar…. Ah yes, the drunken drool and butt hole drawn pupils – I know that flavor well. This time it’s a whole family going on inappropriate adventures while also trying to fit into earth’s strange ways. There’s a father (Rick) and three kids? One older and two younger with some sort of intergalactic dog blob that coughs up little purple blogs with arms. It’s the same level of mayhem, carnage, and butt humor that we love, but it just left me wanting. There’s nothing wrong with it, it just feels like that cousin you didn’t know you had that you’re supposed to treat like a sibling – when truthfully you don’t even know their last name. I mean they’re totally cool, total family but… who are they? And why are we meeting now?

Truth be told with all of this time on my hands, I’m gonna watch both, but we already have this show in all its glory. And we are legit sitting in our houses watching The Circle because the episodes of Rick and Morty just stopped. No? – no one’s watching The Circle? Just me? C’mon you know you are – we literally have nothing but time!

Some theories have been fun, for instance on YouTube user “Legoto the Legonian” thinks this is an actual a spin off and this alien family were left without a home planet because Rick blew it up. That seems completely possible and I would not be surprised to see that be the reason for a Rick cameo in all this.

The comment by user “Trashy gaming” (hehehe) on YouTube makes me feel better about this current waiting period.

“Just imagine this in an alternate reality this show came out first and this trailer is for Rick and Morty and people are making jokes about it and asking for the rest of season 4 of solar opposites” – TRASHY GAMING

Considering alternate universes is exactly what calms the nerves of us Rick and Morty fans. I do hope everything is alright with the duo creators. It’s stressful enough living in these times, we don’t need creators’ quarrels too! I am so interested to see how the shows will stack up to each other. Both shows will be airing damn near the same time so if you’ve finished Big Mouth and are looking for more line stepping adult cartoons, Solar Opposites premieres May 8th on Hulu right after the May 3rd Rick and Morty resurgence.

Let us know if you’ll be bingeing Solar Opposites in the next coming weeks.

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  • Aisha Jordan

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    Aisha Jordan is an Actor, Writer, and Producer in new media with a B.A. from The New School and M.A. in Arts and Politics from NYU. She’s a Podcast Producer on I Love a Lifetime Movie, The Table is Ours, and Origins of Hip Hop and Staff Writer at Black Nerd Problems and co-creator/host for the entertainment podcast 2Nerds and an Actor. She’s Co-Executive Producer and actor for the newly formed Village Park Productions with sketch comedy series #HashtagTheShow. Jordan was featured in Title X’s PSA on reproductive rights, and HBO’s Random Acts of Flyness. She’s a member of the Writer’s Guild of America East.

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