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If you weren’t cool enough to hop on the Stranger Things boat right away, it’s assumed you quickly realized your mistake and binged your life away. You probably watched the Netflix series in about a weekend so you weren’t left behind–the cardinal sin of nerding. Millie Bobby Brown plays Eleven on Stranger Things and in 2016, she and 4 boys took Hollywood by storm. Since then, the world has been in debt to them all for bringing back that 80s thriller vibe that brought us so many greats, from ET to Swamp Thing, Gremlins to Flakor. Now let’s jump into the 7 reasons why Eleven is the dopest 80s inspired creation in decades.

[title type=”h4″]1) Friends Don’t Lie.[/title]

Eleven is the realest. Plain and simple. And it’s really easy to understand why. She was conditioned to be nothing but the realest she could be. Just turned out that she sided with Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will. Julian Assange’s evil brother deserved to be abandoned like a rabies-stricken feral cat.

[title type=”h4″]2) Eggos are life.[/title]

Who you know put it down for one item of food in particular? Who?! The only one I can think of is Kel’s obsession with orange soda. Maybe Spongebob and Crabby Patties. But Eleven’s hunger for those frozen waffles of joy is unmatched. She has literally killed a motherfucker for those bad boys.

[title type=”h4″]3) Eleven is a badass girl.[/title]

When was the last time a young lady was the badass lead in a hit show? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Not gonna lie, I’ve been seeing the young female who don’t take shit from nobody a lot more the past couple of years, but majority of those roles have been cast in movies. Not to mention, majority of those movies (No Country, Kick Ass, Hunger Games) have had huge male actors cast as leads or co-stars. The fact that Eleven has been the heart, mind, body, and soul of the badass department only cements her legend in pop culture history.

[title type=”h4″]4) Never Scurred of Mouth Breathers[/title]

Are you afraid of the dark? Creatures that go bump in the night? Eleven couldn’t bangs with you. She a stone cold killa. Killa with a heart of pure gold with powdered sugar on top. Remember the bullies? Yeah I bet they aint touch those boys again after encountering their telekinetic bodyguard. Well, she broke his arm so he ain’t touchin a dam thing for a good 6 months. Remember those flashbacks of her in training? Homegirl was ready to destroy AYEBODY when she bust that door down and crushed whose workers like the soda can before them. Remember when she stole the eggos from the store? Her closing and shattering the double doors behind her was lit. Remember when that cook got murked after feeding her fries in the diner, then the government goons rolled up? Oh you thought she ran out of fear? Na. That was survival mode kicking in. Remember the end?! DO YOU??? Sacrificial lamb OG! I rest my case.

[title type=”h4″]5) No one man girl should have all that POWER![/title]

My girl dont need no yopper, no hawk, no blade, no bombs. Just this mind right here (and maybe a few Eggos). You see what she did to that van in the middle of these Indiana streets?! You see how she ran up on the demigorgan without a shred of fear in her heart??

[title type=”h4″]
6) The fresh cut.[/title]

Who you know got the flyest low cut Caesar in the game?! What 12 yr old you know roll up in the spot with the baldy and make the boys go crazy?!

[title type=”h4″]7) Loyalty Loyalty Loyalty[/title]

From day 1. From the jump. Off the rip. Eleven had been ride or die for our 4 boys from the moment they ran into her and hooked her up with them basement waffles. Oh Will trapped in the Upside Down? Bet. How bout I roll up in that bish, find the evil creature terrorizing the homie, beat the living shit out of it, and get my mans and dem back to mom dukes.

Stranger Things makes its triumphant return Halloween weekend. The trailer they just released was enough to get anybody hype. Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas are rockin the Ghostbuster’s gear this year. You ready for the youngins to bring the 80’s kid swag back? I know I’m ready for Eleven to break out of the Upside Down and get back on her telekinesis game.

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  • Ja-Quan is a NYC teacher and artist holding a B.A. in Sociology and History from SUNY New Paltz. On his journey to become Hokage, the Lord of The Speed Force and Protector of the Recaps can be found North of The Wall, chopping it up on Twitter @OGquankinobi

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