Quince #7 Review

Writer: Sebastian Kadlecik, Kit Steinkellner / Artist: Emma Steinkellner / Translator: Valeria Tranier / FanBase Press

Editor’s Note: Fanbase Press is releasing issue #6 and #7 of Quince this week as apart of a special summer promotion. Two issues of Quince this week! Check out our review of issue #6 here.

This. This is what I needed to read this week! This issue of Quince threw us a curve ball in the way none of us was expecting and I. Am. Here. For. It. Q has been doing her thing, saving the day. Lupe’s academic and social life have been suffering. The parental units take notice, (of the first, of course) and aren’t pleased. Our girl can’t please everyone no matter what she does and…


But things look up for your girl and she totally gets some juicy bits to write on and on about in her diary. And life goes on. And then she goes to school and walks into the biggest surprise her fifteen años has experienced–you know other than receiving her powers–and she is ill prepared. It’s a bigger setup to what happens a few pages later in the issue and ohmyglob, LSP from Adventure Time style.

quince 7 pic 2

Responsibility. Sacrifice. Honor Code. Living to a greater standard and staying dedicated to what you’ve been called to do are all that Lupe has been more intimate with as of late. Sometimes in life we want to be rewarded, sometimes we want to take a night off and just “be”. Abuela returns as the voice of reason that serves to just amplify what Lupe already knows to be true in her heart and our girl has to make up her mind and do the right thing.

quince 7 pic 1

I was not disappointed with how this issue ended. I love Lupe and I love this book. If you aren’t rooting for her now, why are you still reading?! Join the bandwagon, put on your fangirl/fanboy/equally important non-binary fan shirt and rejoice: this is the superhero comic you’ve been waiting for. Buy a copy for yourself and the younger reader you know who is in dire need of comics recs.

* THING This is the cutest thing I have ever seen
This is the cutest thing I have ever seen

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9.2 out of 10

Purchase this issue of Quince here. If you like what you read so far, consider pre-ordering the trade paperback which will be available later this year collecting all fifteen issues.

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