So this was me tweeting last week, remembering the bomb that Brian and Fiona dropped on us last month while still trying to prep myself for whatever that would happen in this current issue…



Marko, Alana, Hazel and crew are still living life on the run. Alana is still ‘living the dream’, she is faring well on the Open Circuit, working to help feed her family. This leaves Marko feeling some kinda way: he’s seeing less and less of his wife—fugitive or not and this leaves some serious tension in the air, which I can only predict is a buildup to what will explode sooner or later. A lack of a parental presence apparently is universal—We finally find where Prince Robot IV has been this whole time—our favorite place ever—Sextillion, (What were you about to say, Alderaan ?)  or as I like to call it, ‘Crazy Sex Orgy Planet’! 



Wasn’t his head busted up something fierce way back yonder? I’m guessing his system didn’t reboot properly so he’s been chilling here for a while and no one is trying to send him home. OH. 


Alana also “falls victim to some peer pressure” which blesses us some of the BEST panels Fiona Staples has drawn so far for this series. Seriously. Fiona is talented. Way talented.  I can’t say that Fiona has ever disappointed me with the artwork for Saga. Just to note that this month’s issue was gloriously illustrated; it was almost as if we could really experience what Alana was experiencing.


This leads to more daddy and daughter bonding time because Marko is apparently at his wits ends and needs some help. An outing with a local dance instructor for kiddies that he and Hazel had the acquaintance to meet last issue provides some comfort and a breath of fresh air. 



And just because it is SAGA….trouble in paradise only tends to have a domino effect to other parts of the universe as well…



…….Is every issue of Saga is just going to leave us like this from here on out or nah?





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