Saga #24 Review


Brain K. Vaughan ~writer

Fiona Staples~Artist


YO. Saga stay reminding me why I read comics.

Saga also makes me hate myself cause I feel it really should be read in trade cause this issue to issue is killing me.

And I just keep coming back. Saga retains it’s status as one of the best comics in the game and anyone who tells me otherwise can get one of these:


get that weak shit outt ahere

Yo. Then we’ve got return of a bunch of characters we all love and adore including the seal in overalls aka Ghuis and Lying Cat THA GAWD and a few other missed faces in search of something that ultimately, will help The Will. Which in turn reveals that  something else that is needed  comes  from the very same planet The Stalk originally came from…




The paper trail continues with The Brand, she’s the sister of the Will, right? Anywho she’s on the look out for the folks who are in posessions of her brother’s ship…his lying cat…and cloak…and weapon, actually his high school year book too. Yet in doing so she stumbles upon old tracks of Alana and Marko’s escape. Look, everything is connected here and while had no word from Alana, the fam (and kidnapper) upon their merry tree spaceship this issue–we do get an idea of the huge intersecting web that everyone is caught up in.  We were reintroduced to some familiar faces this issue and I’ve got a feeling deep in the pit of my stomach that next issue will see another round of faces, some that we’ll be less exited to see. To paraphrase Matt Fraction: “Brian and Fiona are masters of the last page.”


Last thoughts….


Look at this majestic beast. His name is Sweet Boy. ALSO: I didn’t know Lying Cat was a girl. Saga will be the ruin of me with all these fantastic creatures.


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