Saga #30 Review

writer: Brian K. Vaughan / artist: Fiona Staples / Image Comics
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Tagline for this issue: “Sooner or later, everything dies”

did not see that coming


No, but in all seriousness, I was dreading this issue because 1) that tagline does nothing to assure me of anything good and 2) Y’all know how last issue ended and I was pretty sure that I was going to need some hugs after reading. ESPECIALLY because I knew this was the last issue of Saga that we were getting before our vacation/hiatus.

As the narration of this issue begins, I started to think back on Hazel and the cryptic tone I remember reading earlier on several issues ago: you know when she was talking about her parents, and how war made her feel, etc. Like many of you, I’ve been wondering just what happens to Hazel because we’ve all been watching her grow up from a baby to the toddler that she is now.  Upon reading the first few lines of this issue accompanied by carnage, I started to get an idea that perhaps something REALLLY BIG happens in Hazel’s storyline, one so epic it forces the hand of fate. Wasn’t wrong. WAS NOT WRONG.

saga 1

It’s also worth noting character development especially in the parents, Marko, Alana and the Prince: desperation looks differently on different people. This current story arc has been draining,  I will admit. For some readers like the gentleman in the back pages of last issue, certain characters are “out of character” and have shifted into people that they don’t recognize. But truly there is a lot that I don’t recognize within this comic: we’re constantly being introduced with new characters that don’t always stay with us long  and brand new worlds (dragon piss, y’all. #NEVERFORGET) along with emotions , actions and concepts that are very much familiar to us.  For example: feeling complete and utter rage and protecting those close to you and family and so much more….




Reunions, Reconciliations, Betrayals, Separations, Swift Deaths…all familiar ground for us fellow readers. Some loose ends were tied up but I can’t say as far as a complete “happy ending” here. This current arc comes to a close and the curtains drop with a startling snapshot. Now the narration is finally starting to sync together and we see a more clearer picture of our narrator that we’ve come to love, that we’ve seen grow up, in a sense. Looking forward to falling back down the rabbit hole and picking this comic up and seeing where this magnificent story continues to take us. Later! And Shoutout to Ghus looking magnificent with that walrus as his steed. That’s the stuff dreams are made of.


ghus meme 1  ghus meme 2

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