Starpunch Girl #2 Review

writer: S.D. Lockhart / artist: Patibut ‘Narm’ Preeyawongsakul / Nevo Digital

Starpunch Girl is back in rotation! This little webcomic has charmed me into buying it in digital issues and I  haven’t once regretted it. It’s such a fun series that’s vividly colored, highly accessible and well worth rereading. Last issue we were introduced to the God-like being known as Starpunch Girl: the cosmic being with incredible strength and incredible means to create life and to even take it away.  We saw a glimpse of her compassion and her determination. We even saw a brief flashback of her tragic past.


This issue though? We are treated to Starpunch Girl the Warlord. She who prepares for war and for the chance to step to her nemesis, Black Hole Boy who played a very important part in the enslavement of her home world (and very possibly partially responsible in how she came to be the way she is now) It ‘s far from being a Debbie Downer type of ride. She trains and trains and while, there is no training montage, it’s full of hijinks that will keep you laughing and reading on for more.

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The most important thing here is that there’s only a few pages, if that with Black Hole Boy in them. What we know at this point is that he’s evil. Very evil. Also—-he has it in for our heroine here. This issue effectively gives us more and more character development and more laughs. Not a bad combination at all. Two opposing forces by the name of Starpunch Girl and Black Hole Boy are going to clash in the near future but for now, it’s Training Day and a really cool surprise/cliff hanger at the end of this issue, which I’m sure will lead to some great moments next issue.


That’s it for this issue. Consider supporting the team’s Patreon or check out Starpunch Girl merch!     Just stumbling upon this series? Check out my first review of the first issue here.

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