The Pull – 11/25/2020: Your After Itis Reads

Sorry we’ve been away for so long. Just blame it on the early itis I guess lol. Anyway, here’s what we reviewed in comics this week that you might want to check out:

Chu #5

As the end of the first volume of Chu wraps up, it feels like a perfect encapsulation of the series so far: Layman’s quick wit is as sharp as ever, Boultwood’s panels are fantastic, and the series constantly feels both beholden to its parent material while also trying to distinguish itself from it, and as such, falters to do the former.

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Mega Man: Fully Charged #4

The main narrative lives up to the stellar work of Simeone as Rinehart continues to delve into the complicated history of Silicon City and Mega Man’s involvement in it. Everything moves at a brisk pace, and there’s a decent balance between exposition and humor.

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Monstress: Talk Stories #1

While I was admittedly unfamiliar with how this Talk Stories fits into the overarching narrative, Liu does a fantastic of establishing the mood of the framing device and transition into a one-off story that can be appreciate on its own. As Kippa recounts the best thing she’s ever eaten, we get a glimpse back to her childhood and some insight into how she grew up.

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X-Men #15

Hickman does an amazing job of using Cyclops as his vehicle to appreciate the incredible home mutants have made for themselves, as well as get brutally honest about how little they’ve had while fighting for the scraps they had before Krakoa. We quickly find out they plan to go get their boy back, but first, a conversation with the leaders of Krakoa.

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X of Swords: Destruction #1

As if trading gargantuan blows between opposing forces, Magik teleports Cyclops, Marvel Girl, and an army of mutants to Otherworld, bolstering their forces. Cyclops drops another iconic all-or-nothing speech, and the oftentimes reserved heroes come out the gates throwing realm shaking haymakers!

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And since we missed last week, here are a couple of good reads of 11/18/2020:

Hellions #6

I appreciate this book for the fact that, despite not being directly tied to the main plot, it still finds a way to build this new, strange world without showing us things we’ve already seen before. And as someone who hasn’t previously invested in this title before, I must admit I was taken in by the overall charm of this team.

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Die #15

As is often the case with any game with rules, players are more than capable of breaking those rules, and Matt, having been so entirely fed up with Ash and Izzy, is currently dual wielding armaments of grief and rage because he is now incredibly full of both grief and rage, and it shows.

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What comics did you check out this week that we didn’t cover? Hit us in the comments or on our social media!

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