The Pull – 02/17/2021: Cold, Colder, Coldest

Here’s what we reviewed in comics this week that you might want to check out:

Excellence #10

We start the issue with Spencer darting throughout the city, avoiding detection from the various agents of the Aegis and the constant state of being on the lam has very clearly weighed heavy on his conscious. As we get a brief glimpse into a conversation he had his mother, we are reminded that Excellence has always excelled at allegory and how this fantastical work has all of this heavily structured and oppressive systems and going against these systems is significantly terrifying.

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Future State: Nightwing #2

While the conclusion of this story was exciting, I was much more enticed by the personal connection between Nightwing and the new Batman than I was about the conflict. These two haven’t met before now, but they know what each other stands for in the context of Gotham City. There is a mutual respect, a budding friendship, and it was an interesting reimagined dynamic for these two symbols.

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Future State: Shazam! #2

Something’s off with Shazam, though. Without Billy’s boyish demeanor and innocent wisdom, Shazam is susceptible to outside influence. That’s where Neron comes in. When he split Shazam and Billy into two, he also was able to manipulate Shazam into doing his bidding without realizing it. So when Shazam returned to Earth, he started killing heroes, one after one, without anyone knowing.

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Hollow Heart #1

It’s not often that I am completely floored by the words and artwork to the point where I don’t know which to address first. Allor’s writing is captivating from the jump, with an air of intrigue from the first line and an expertly crafted cadence, bolstered immensely by how he lettered the opening anecdote with fragmented text boxes with small, but significant markings. Tucker’s artwork has a brilliant contrast of colors and you immediately feel at a home in the heavy sci-fi setting, reminiscent of Alien and its kin.

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Marauders #18

Masque’s reaction to this family who just received a miracle from one of the mutants humanity so often despises is life affirming. As soon as I read that panel, I began this review. Mid-book. You can’t stop mid book but there are times that call for an immediate outpouring of appreciation for the artistry that was suddenly bestowed upon you in such an impressive way!! This was it folks!

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The Pictures of Everything Else #2

It helps that Mohan’s artwork is absolutely stunning and that various panels incorporate stellar artistry, fitting giving the subject matter. The depictions of the different socioeconomic tiers in Victorian era Paris are incredible, and Mohan does a lot of suggestive work with the horror elements of the series, obfuscated shots of paintings in process, ominous close ups, misdirecting imagery. It’s all done with a magical touch that has such a unique aesthetic to it.

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Thor #12

Simon Walterson Throg is one of those beloved things that can do no wrong in the Marvel universe. My warmest regards to the writer who will be tasked with ending the life of the mere mortal football player turned dread Titan savior. For the last week, it’s Cates’ name that has been on the tip of every Frog of Thunder fan, because of the impending possibility that he’d be the one to lay Throg down onto his final resting lily pad.

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