The Pull – 08/05/2020: (Forced) Back to School Comics

Here’s what we reviewed in comics this week that you might want to check out:

Batman #96

The issue starts off with Batman chasing down Mr. Freeze, who apparently has twins now, and using a satellite to send alerts to pedestrians to get out of the way. (Super cool touch, by the way). Then we see Bruce get back to the Batcave only to be greeted by Alfred, reveal some distinguished patches of grey hair, and look over a peaceful Gotham City.

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Captain America #21

First off, I appreciate a slow burn as much as the next guy, but this book didn’t seem to progress the story much further from the obligatory “story so far” synopsis on the credits page. I’m pretty sure I downloaded my 32-GB Call of Duty update at faster speeds than this story moves.

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Die #12

But Die #12 is herald of things to come, the turning point where the split party is positioned to collide and confront each other now that they have explored and grown in their own ways. Now that they have reconciled with their personal (and maybe a little more) little demons in… what is probably best described as a spectrum of healthy ways.

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Empyre #4

The Avengers and the Fantastic Four are managing the chaos from different sides of the war. It’s not quite as accessible as earlier issues, and it’s very clear that there are moments that are specifically tasked with compelling you to buy the tie-ins. And the script is more likely to give you a mention of a tie-in event than a teaser via flashback panel, so there’s a little more telling than showing….something this event has excelled at up to this point.

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Far Sector #7

In her current adventures, she’s investigating a series of murders on a planer where biological life and artificial life coexist. Issue #7 picks up with her battling a series of artificial beings who have taken over the (dead) bodies of local citizens to control fighting suits of armor.

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The Terrifics #29

Issue #29 of The Terrifics plays out as if Greg Berlanti produced an episode of Succession. With the cast of all the Arrowverse shows. ‘Crisis On Infinite Boardrooms’. The A-plot follows the aftermath of the death of billionaire businessman Simon Stagg. His prodigal son returns to stake his claim in the family’s legacy after being shipped off to boarding school in the dark and twisted Gotham City.

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Vampire: The Masquerade #1

I myself have never played The Masquerade, but I have plenty of experience with other games that utilize the Storyteller system (a d10-centric paradigm) including Prothemean: the Created, Geist: The Sin-Eaters, and Scion. All of this to say is that my biggest piece of praise that I have for Vampire: The Masquerade #1 is that it makes me want to get another core rulebook.

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Also from Last Week

Decorum #3

This is an issue dedicated to fleshing out the relationship between Imogen and Neha. This is a third issue decidedly slowing down the tempo to reinforce the foundation of the series, this concept of a polite assassin. This idea of being lawful in a chaotic world. This principle of holding oneself to an impossibly high standard and getting strength from that.

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