The Pull – 08/19/2020: Virtual Reviews for a Virtual Time

They really got these kids in school during a pandemic. *side eye* Anyway…

Here’s what we reviewed in comics this week that you might want to check out:

Batman #97

It’s a lot like Snyder’s over the top storytelling but a bit more grounded. There are still really crazy things going on, but they’re all in the realm of what we’ve come to know about Gotham and the crazy people that live there. There’s Joker gangs, a Poison Ivy occupied part of town called Eden, and a new vigilante named Clownhunter whose sole purpose is to, you guessed it, hunt clowns.

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Justice League #51

There’s Barry’s death, Clark’s fight with Doomsday, and Batman’s journey into the past. It’s all there. And Loveness does a good job capturing the emotional weight of each of those moments. Rocha then beautifully brings them to life to help spark our memories. The issue’s waning pages show the team fighting Black Mercy but ultimately succumbing to its creepy tentacles, teasing the dream state that we’ll see in the next issue.

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Maestro #1

Maestro is an imposing force, and that says a lot considering that well … the Hulk already is an imposing force. So seeing another version of himself that is more ruthless is quite a sight. What made the original Maestro: Future Imperfect comic so great is the focus on Maestro’s anger and resentment for a world that hated him. The Hulk has always been deemed a monster and the irony of it all is that humans end up destroying themselves.

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Thor #6

The great theme of this issue is the end, the end of everything. For the past several issues, Thor has been the pawn of the Galactus, watching him wreck planet after planet to defeat The Black Winter. He’s been dragged around at Galactus’ mercy for the sake of saving the universe and it’s about time that comes to an end. The end to being used, the end to forces of the universe having their way, and the end of a god. 

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Wonder Woman: Dead Earth Finale

But underneath the gritty aesthetic and bleak outlook on the world is a story about a damaged hero who was never truly able to embrace herself and her place in the world. And now facing a dead Earth, she’s forced to confront all of that while undoing all the wrongs she’s done. It’s an incredibly human story about a goddess. 

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We cannot let you leave without mentioning the comics from last week:

Adventureman #3

Adventureman #3 is a tale of momentum, of Claire riding the high of discovering that the world as she knew it has so many possibilities than she ever thought. There is a metaphoric spark in her eye, and while to her family worries about the sudden change in demeanor and outlook, Claire is literally running towards the trouble and her enthusiasm is contagious.

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The Lost City of Heracleon

Which brings us to The Lost City of Heracleon, a graphic novel from Bruce Livingstone and Mike Willcox that is very much rooted in classical tropes. Two young boys answering a call to the adventure, and then they proceed to find themselves in increasingly complex scenarios, and they are expected to learn and grow before some sort of resolution. There are countless stories that have this basic framework, and I’d read so many of them because it’s a genre that I very much consider a proverbial home as a speculative fiction.

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Seven Secrets #1

Taylor knows how to create an atmosphere of mystique. He has a long pedigree, and Seven Secrets very much lives up to it. Although, this is probably a little more abstract than I personally would have liked for an opening issue. And while I know the laundry list of questions I have will be answered in due time, the sheer narrative distance that is created makes me wish I had just a little more to latch onto other than allusions to the wonderful things that I’m positive will come.

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What books did you check out this week that we didn’t cover? Hit us in the comments or on our social media!

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