This Week In Comics: Everything We Read From Wednesday, June 13th

Thor, Mister Miracle, Stellar, and everything else we're reading this week

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Marvel Comics

Deadpool Assassin #1 of 6

Shadowing and textures of the characters were the first things I noticed. At times it was glossy, then it was sharp and shady. It’s almost like I could sense the fear before the characters realized they are in danger. Almost like…foreshadowing (ba dum tss). The movement throughout the panels was essentially jagged, which I feel like is a great ‘character versus setting’ comparison. The sharp strokes create a form of intensity that is stretched out through the issue, and those sound effects? Don’t even get me started. The wording was designed so well I almost heard it. If you’re into dark humor and action-packed comics, Deadpool is always the guy for you. [Read the full review here…]

Exiles #4

First things first, before you read this comic: Yes, the inception level has increased. I should have expected that. When I read this comic my initial reaction was: “What? Slavery? What kind of”, then I stopped. I took a breather. Just think Djiah, grit your teeth and this could possibly not end up problematic. (We’ll get to that later) [Read the full review here…]

Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #2 of 4

Coming soon… Marvel reviews drop every week on Thursday

Thor #1

Comic books reboot and reset. This is a thing that happens in mainstream comics. Though it seems to be greatly reviled among fans for some reason, it doesn’t seem to be a tradition that’s going away anytime soon. With that in mind, it’s good to know that if one of Marvel’s best comics has to end and begin again or be renumbered, the quality remains. With the “death” of the Mighty Thor, Jason Aaron’s epic saga finds new life in Thor #1. [Read the full review here…]

Venom #2

Coming soon… Marvel reviews drop every week on Thursday

DC Comics

Batman: Prelude to the Wedding: Batgirl vs Riddler #1

Clunky exposition of who the villains are aside, Seely has clearly been having a blast writing Prelude to the Wedding. It’s been a minute since we had Seeley writing the Batfamily, and it is an absolute joy to read. Batgirl vs. The Riddler manages to change some elements of the formula laid out in the first two parts, and the continuing side story to the BatCat black-tie affair is insightful and illuminating. [Read the full review here…]

Detective Comics #982

With all the hype surrounding the BatCat wedding in the main Batman title, it’s easy to forget about Batman’s origin line: Detective Comics. At 982 issues, it is one of the longest-running mainstream American comics (right next to Action Comics) that provides a different perspective on the Batman. [Read the full review here…]

Eternity Girl #4 of 6

I think this may be my favorite single issue of comics that has come out this year. There have been some fantastic comics, but Eternity Girl #4 from a structural storytelling standpoint, from a technical construction point, literally every single aspect of this issue is wonderfully executed. I’m going to spend the rest of my review trying to articulate the virtuoso of Visaggo’s script and Liew’s artwork, but this is a comic that really needs to be experienced firsthand. [Read the full review here…]

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #46

The “Darkstars Rising” saga in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps has been building tension for the past couple of issues, but now the story is taking an interesting turn. There’s a lot of panel time devoted to the Corps assembling their allies to take on the Darkstars aka The Space Murder Squad. For an issue with not much action, the dramatic exposition was pretty effective. Everybody seemed to get a reasonable amount of panel time, Hal surprisingly receiving the least. [Read the full review here…]

Man of Steel #3 of 6

If I could just read Bendis’ Superman internal monologue, I would be the happiest fanboy. If there is one thing that I am convinced after three weeks, it is that Brian Michael Bendis understands the guiding principles of the Man of Steel. He understands Superman’s mindfulness, his politeness, his innate desire to protect, his guilt over not being able to save everyone. There are truly beautiful juxtapositions and moments that make it clear that Bendis does deeply align with the character. [Read the full review here…]

Mister Miracle #9 of 12

You cannot say that this mini-series isn’t going on the list of top 5 comic book runs canceled (dead) or ongoing (alive). King and Gerads continue to redefine, revamp, and refresh Jack Kirby’s 4th World vision; and my god. This is by far the best iteration of the war between New Genesis and Apokolips that we’ve ever come across. I said it. I will die on that hill. We get a bottle episode as Scott Free, Big Barda, and Light Ray negotiate with Kalibak and his court over the terms of peace. [Read the full review here…]

Plastic Man #1 of 12

Eel O’Brian seems to be just as slimy as his aquatic namesake, and I honestly think I couldn’t love him more after reading this first issue. Plastic Man is an oddity within the DC Universe. His elasticity is a surprisingly versatile and potent power that makes him near impervious to both physical and mental attacks and Batman’s best plan is “hope he doesn’t turn evil,” and that’s coming from the man who has a contingency in place for literally every other villain and hero. Yet, Plastic Man is all wit, all jokes, all sight gags. He is raunchy and ridiculous, with a lackadaisical, laissez-faire attitude when it comes to fighting crimes. It’s bonkers, and I love it. [Read the full review here…]

Sideways #5

Finally! After Derek’s disastrous team up with Hotspot in the fight against Replicant, we start to see the young hero realize the stakes at hand. Better yet, in Sideways #5, we see him start to move past his selfish desire to be famous and wealthy and move towards being a hero for more altruistic reasons. Honesty, with everything he has gone through since getting his powers and deciding to run around as Sideways, it had to happen sooner or later. [Read the full review here…]

Image Comics

Kick-Ass #5

Well folks, the end of Patience Lee’s justice-seeking mission is finally in sight. She’s been through the worst of it and keeps coming out on top, but she may have met her match. Kick-Ass #5 introduces us to Mr. Solo, the gentleman that Hoops has to resort to after his lackeys fail miserably and his homicidal, prison-loving, premiere hitman comes up shorter than The Red Viper in his battle with The Mountain. Mr. Solo is a “tracking” pro, who appreciates a fellow expert in their own right. This man could find a runaway teen in the middle of Caracas with a paper clip, flashlight and and some Bazooka bubble gum. [Read the full review here…]

Skyward #3

Someone, please protect my girl, Willa. She was only trying to be free. It seems like that adventurous spirit and contagious optimism that made her so endearing is what is getting her into the most trouble. There is no simple way to summarize Skyward #3 than to say that everything has quickly gone to shit. [Read the full review here…]

Stellar #1

Bounty hunter with a tortured past is often an overused trope. Sometimes it can feel like the same old story told over and over again. But when done right, it reminds us of why we love these kind of tales. Thankfully, Stellar is one of those stories done right despite feeling familiar at times. [Read the full review here…]

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