The Pull – 07/22/2020: Drink Water and Social Distance

Here’s what we reviewed in comics this week that you might want to check out:

Action Comics #1023

We left off last issue with Clark Kent trying to help Connor, the clone of himself and Lex Luthor, sort out his own identity crisis. Meanwhile, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen walked straight into a trap and a villain by the name of the Red Cloud had both of them in severe danger.

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Amethyst #4

After doing some homework beforehand, I found out that Amethyst is a miniseries reboot of a character who was introduced back in 1983. Amy Winston is a teenager who learns that she’s actually an adopted princess from a place called Gemworld. This miniseries focuses on her return to Gemworld after she finds out that her kingdom and people have all disappeared. She is now on a mission to find them.

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Batman Beyond #45

The main plotline of this issue focuses on how Mr. Zero, a former member of the League of Assassins who adopted Ra’s al Ghul’s obsession with wiping out humanity. His current plan is to bring on a new ice age but, thankfully, the one person standing in his way is none other than Ra’s grandson and Bruce Wayne’s son, Damian Wayne.

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Bliss #1

Bliss #1 fully captures my imagination as a fan of speculative fiction and my sympathies as a reader. There is a solid emotional core, the story of a father doing whatever it takes to take care of his son. The narrative is then coated in darkly beautiful and Gothic fantasy trappings, where gods are in back alleys and the mysterious titular drug is able to wipe away every single painful memory.

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Chu #1

Saffron’s new to us as the reader, but her personality and presence very much fits within the greater Chew-verse and the fact that we get to see food-related crimes from the perspectives of crimes bosses and thieves is kinda great. It’s bombastic and fun, and Layman’s off brand humor shines through. Boultwood’s art meshes with the universe, and the finish on the colors gives it a bit more of a Ocean’s Eleven caper feel in contrast to Chew‘s more standard cop procedural aesthetic.

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Death or Glory #11

Death or Glory #11 carries the momentum of the previous issue pretty deftly, and the 32-page comic hurtles down the breakneck speed like it always has. Glory’s internal narration of the events and the sparse dialog that presents itself in the final act of the story is every bit as sharp and poignant as all of the moments leading up to it.

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New Mutants #11

After the wild adventures and mostly unfortunate outcomes of this New Mutants comic run, I think it’s a smart move to reel the crew in a bit and shift focuses to something a little less explosive. Going after those behind the DOX, mutant-hating website, aka the media, couldn’t possibly have any ramifications!

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X-Men/Fantastic Four #4

This issue centers around Franklin Richards finally having his powers restored, thanks to the definitely-not-scheming Doctor Doom. For kids who have grown up surrounded by his villainous ways, they’re awfully naive in this decision. Of course, Reed and Hank checking the math, science and success rate of this “operation” is one hell of a co-sign but they have to be smarter than that, or have their own low key intentions.

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